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Criticker Wishlist

Yesterday, we introduced new a new feature at Criticker — Wishlists (just in time for Christmas!)

From your wishlist, you can specify your preferred format (Bluray, DVD, etc) and write a personal note. You can rearrange the ordering of your wishlist, and send it out to your friends and family.

“… wait”, you might be thinking. “Didn’t Criticker already have wishlist functionality?”

Kind of. We had previously used the term “wishlist” interchangeably with “saved” films. This was incorrect & confusing — just because you choose to remember a film for later, doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to own it. That distinction has now been more clearly drawn. You can still choose to remember/ignore films, and you can also add them to your Wishlist. So, if you were previously using the “remember” functionality as an ersatz Wishlist, you might want to do a transfer.

Check out my wishlist to get a feel for it, and then start creating your own! You can add films to your wishlist from their information pages.

Another note: right now, we only directly link to Amazon.com, so apologies go out to our non-US users. We are soon expanding to include Amazon’s other supported countries (Canada, France, Germany, Japan, UK) and otherwise will be looking for country-specific merchants.

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