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Order Your Collections However You Want

We’ve just introduced new functionality that allows you to order the films in your collections, however you want. If you want a certain film at the top of the collection, you can now drag & drop, and make it so. It’s a new option on the collection moderation page.

With this new bit of functionality, the daylight between “Wishlists” and collections has vanished. So, we moved the Wishlists into Collections. That is, your Criticker Wishlist is now a collection, which you can moderate and view just like any other.

We hope you like this new enhancement!

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2 Responses to “Order Your Collections However You Want”

  1. 1 paulofilmo

    Wishlists are private but not hidden — can be seen on FIPs under the Collections tab.

    e.g. ‘Paprika belongs to 74 collections’

  2. 2 mpowell

    Thanks for pointing that out — we’ve made Wishlists now Hidden Collections by default.

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