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Feature Requests : Enhancements to Wish List and Remembered Films

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Enhancements to Wish List and Remembered Films

Postby pzingg on Sun Feb 05, 2012 6:50 pm

The main beef I have with Criticker's interface is that I don't understand the difference between the wish list and the built-in Remembered Films collection. I think that the Wish List should operate more like a regular collection.

For instance, you can search from your Remembered Films and export the collection, but you can't from the Wish List. Also when I do a search on a film and click to see the details before I rank it, I can see "Add to my wishlist", but there is no "Remember" or "Save to Remembered Films" link there. The only way I even found out about Remembered Films was when I was looking at the "Other Recommendations" in Explore > Recommendations, where there is a tiny "remember" link under the movie images.

In summary, I'd like to see more "Remembers" sprinkled around, and also make the Wish List a built-in collection so it can be searched and exported.
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Re: Enhancements to Wish List and Remembered Films

Postby mpowell on Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:23 am

Yeah, we totally agree with this actually. The Wish List was an idea which was around before we introduced Collections. The functionality is so similar, that we plan on merging them -- that is, getting rid of "Wish Lists" as they exist now, and just replacing it with Collections -- similar to how we do with "Remembered", "Ignored", and "Featured" Films.

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