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50 T4 The Belko Experiment (2017) - Aug 19, 2017
45 T3 The Glass Castle (2017) - Aug 18, 2017
45 T3 Annabelle 2 (2017) - Aug 15, 2017
30 T1 Annabelle (2014) - Aug 15, 2017
80 T9 Cleo from 5 to 7 (1962) - Aug 13, 2017
"Nothing more modern than living in a big city and thinking you have cancer and few hours left. Cleo drifts through the streets observing magicians (one swallows frogs), people walking (and recognizing her as famous singer), stores -- every car ride is also depicted minute-to-minute, like the brave female taxi driver --, she meets her music producers, a friend who poses naked for artists and men at the park. Part melodrama, part doc about Paris through the eyes of a singer wandering about NOW."
55 T5 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) - Aug 12, 2017
"As much as it tries to convey pop culture -- Pac-Man, Howard the Duck, Hasselhof, Mary Poppins -- and the most colorful soap opera ever made, its strenghts rely on team dynamics -- they shout at each other, as Nebula notices, because they love each other -- and Rooker's strong character -- from renegade freak to Quill's definitive dad. Mostly breathes when it forgets to be cool. Russell's Ego as alt-right god who wants universe to become only him but setpieces and climax swallow MCU formula."
45 T3 O Filme da Minha Vida (2017) - Aug 12, 2017
"Almost every comic bit works as 1950s coming of age story about a young man returning home and dealing with sexuality and daddy issues. Walter Carvalho makes sure this is more an European film with popular appeal than a Brazilian soap opera, but the dramatic arcs never take off (Paco's specially) and I guess the source material also doesn't help. Everything connecting Toni and his father through cinema -- Red River, a nightmare mixing movie scenes and memories -- is graceful, though."
40 T2 Masterminds (2016) - Aug 12, 2017
55 T5 Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces (2014) - Aug 11, 2017
"David Bowie's extended scene, some nice comic bits (like Bobby with Laura in the basement saying "I killed a guy for baby laxative!") and A LOT of disposable tie-ins with FWWM and TP S02, like more explanation about Good Cop staying in the lodge while Bad Coop is out crazy to brush his teeth and break his head into a mirror. Either way, this is very watchable but also not very essential, working more like an essay or collage by the filmmaker while diving into his own TP material."