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100 T10 Hard Boiled (1992) - Apr 28, 2017
"While undermining macho culture -- origamis, roses, babies --, Woo delivers his most harrowing actioner. There is always an innocent about to be shot by triad armies, while law enforcement relies only on Tequilla's tormented journey of vengeance and Long as undercover cop. It starts with a shooting at a restaurant to finally end in a hospital reduced to ashes after long shots, slowmos and frozen frames of men shooting, bleeding, sweating, breaking glasses and literally on fire. Ballet of mayhem."
90 T10 The Killer (1989) - Apr 28, 2017
"The gunfight at a Catholic church makes this a true classic of contemporary action cinema, but everything that comes before it is also amazing. Codes of honor allow Ah Jong's contractor to betray him, than sacrific himself get him the money he deserved. The over-sentimental relationship Danny Lee's character develops for Ah Jong kind of dissects everything you expect from the typical macho actioner. Actually, our killer is driven by love -- even though his blind girl barely has a role here."
50 T4 Friday (1995) - Apr 27, 2017
"Written, produced, starred by Ice Cube, with an annoying self-consciousness that just spoils most of the comedy here -- all the girls want Craig, Craig does not smoke weed, but when he does, he gets cooler!, Craig saves the day by punching Deebo and making the neighborhood safer --, but somehow charming in its LA's sit-back, lazy setting for a true sit-back, lazy hood comedy. Whenever Chris Tucker is on screen, it gets better with his physical comedy and his wacky way of talking."
80 T9 A Better Tomorrow (1986) - Apr 27, 2017
"Woo's seminal actioner works both as a social drama about ex-cons and their hard time fitting society and a near musical of gunfights, bloodshed heroism and codes of honor that go beyond crime or law enforcement -- brotherhood stripped down to the very basic; there is love but also a wicked sense of identity (both as policeman and former gangster). It only takes a final gunfight to make the three fire together, although Mark (kind of) dies and Ho and Kit come out of hell as they are."
70 T7 The Sight (2000) - Apr 26, 2017
"Before RE's Alice, PWSA made his most dedicated Lewis Carroll-inspired film in the awake of Sixth Sense. The architect-turned-amateur-detective literally has to follow Alice's spirit in order to find the assassin and set the other entities free -- to heaven. PWSA seems to have total freedom to create plot twists, camera movements and lighting effects even with telefilm production values. One of his most playful and inventive films in terms of genre-bending -- yes, also tons of comedy here."
80 T9 The Three Musketeers (2011) - Apr 25, 2017
"PWSA gets the best ensemble cast of his career, but thank God he's more interested in building another amusing board game in the shape of a film instead of a by-the-numbers Dumas adaptation. Actually, this is much closer to RE franchise in many ways: the players are in place, some ingenuity and malice, conspiracies and codes of love and friendship between them. A swashbuckler that dares to have equal amounts of comedy, flying ships and sword fights. Also, Milla faces another laser grid."
70 T7 O.J.: Made in America (2016) - Apr 24, 2017
"Despite all the TV-editing limitation imposed, this is the type of documentary that seems obsessed in visiting the past to understand the power of an image. Even if we have to go back to these images over and over and sit back and listen to tons of interviews. Celebrity as the closest we get to eternity."
85 T10 Vivre Sa Vie (1962) - Apr 23, 2017
"Godard's bleakest film. A woman's journey from dreams of becoming a movie star to prostitution. The dialogue with the old man about the meaning of life -- and the words and thoughts that define it -- is among the best moments in Godard's 60s. The ending -- Ana shot dead on the street -- just makes this a pure tale about life -- lying, speaking, loving, dying. Pure Godardian cinema in almost all aspects: jump cuts, characters shot from behind, playful relationship between audio and video tracks."
70 T7 Shin Godzilla (2016) - Apr 22, 2017
"The film stretches to so many subgenres -- comedy of errors, political satire (the characters' titles getting bigger and bigger), tons of POVs -- but ultimately finds beautiful ways to pay homage to the 1954 film while creating its own chronicle about Japanese society (public and private) cooperating to control chaos. The kaiju gets purple and spits laser and fire, but the humans manage to freeze him in an operation that uses cranes and trains to mobilize the King of Monsters."
50 T4 The Great Wall (2017) - Apr 21, 2017
"Not that bad, specially if you consider that this kind of works as a siege film on epic scale -- with a lot of misfires regarding how the script evolves. Last 30min or so really make it joyful watchable, with some good CGI and absurd character development you would expect. Maybe too short and half-baked, but it could have been a brilliant mess if it accepted its convoluted potential."