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87 T10 Marwencol (2010) - Apr 16, 2011
"As moment-to-moment fascinating as any movie I've seen in a long, long time. One second it's a gripping, inspiring tale of the triumph and resiliency of the human imagination; the next, it's a portrait of one of the most bizarre men in the history of the universe. Then in the last few minutes, it folds in on itself and completely blows your mind. Further proof that nothing is weirder, or more amazing, than real life. Highly recommended."
18 T1 Krampus (2015) - Jun 14, 2016
"Movie: annoying and kinda smug. Monster design: outstanding. "
79 T9 Paul (2011) - Feb 24, 2011
"A geeky valentine to 80's sci-fi. An enjoyably ramshackle but surprisingly biting road trip comedy/buddy movie. A further showcase for the smart, spot-on stylings of Pegg and Frost as a comic team. Not as sharp or exhilarating as "Shaun" or "Hot Fuzz" but entertaining--the kind of humor that deepens with multiple viewings."
38 T3 And Soon the Darkness (2010) - Jun 03, 2011
"I can't in good conscience recommend this--it's just too cheesy and schlocky--but I can say that I'd happily watch Amber and Odette read the phone book together, provided they were still wearing those world class, Hall of Fame bikinis they sport here. The movie's something you've seen plenty of times before--most recently in "Hostel 2," I suppose--but...super hot chicks! Gadzooks hubba hubba homina homina etc."
37 T3 War Horse (2011) - Jan 30, 2012
"Dreck. Spielberg should be commended, I suppose, for resisting the urge to make his horses talk and walk on two legs, but they're still ridiculously anthropomorphized, and there isn't a sentimental Golden Hollywood family-friendly war picture cliche that the director doesn't furiously and mawkishly hammer into the ground. Shameless and endless. Rent AU HASARD BALTHAZAR instead, why don'tcha?"
26 T2 Fast Five (2011) - Jun 18, 2011
"A wet dream for 12-year-old gearheads; well-nigh intolerable for anybody else. Utterly, defiantly unbelievable and unappealing from frame one, and you've never seen such lazy acting in an aspiring blockbuster. You also haven't seen such calculated egomania on display since the vintage, big-screen days of Steven Seagal. Soulless. "
54 T4 Unknown (2011) - Mar 02, 2011
"Yearns desperately for the Hitchcockian, but only achieves the preposterous. Neeson is commanding as always, and the climactic reveal is kinda cool, I guess, but it's hardly worth the vigorous suspension of disbelief the movie demands, basically from the get-go. We haven't even met the main characters as people before we're snorting in disbelief at the gargantuan plot contortions they're being shoehorned into. There is a good car chase, though."
82 T9 Thor (2011) - May 14, 2011
"Disarmingly well-polished, good-natured, and awash with wonder. Everyone involved--from Branagh on down to the well-chosen cast--comes at this project with the high-spirited, infectiously wide-eyed vigor of a kid turned loose in the toy aisle. The result's a breezy but utterly enjoyable superhero romp, one that's also appropriately respectful to both Thor's comic book and mythological origins. "
75 T8 Now You See Me 2 (2016) - Jun 13, 2016
"If I ran Hollywood, the FAST & FURIOUS franchise woulda been put to bed years ago and I'd be prepping to shoot NOW YOU SEE ME 3 & 4 back-to-back right about now. The first one drove you crazy with the dumb plot twists but made for great weekend HBO find-something-on-TV-and-leave-it viewing. This one strives for that kind of disposability right off the bat, so it's aces all the way. Also somebody needs to make a 10-hour YouTube video of Lizzy Caplan saying "South African gangstas!""
10 T1 Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) - Oct 29, 2011
"Infuriatingly harebrained. They're not even trying anymore. Alternates between deadlly dull and off-puttingly, hysterically over-the-top, with no genuine scares to speak of and a surprising level of rank incompetence on display. Plus, it flat-out cheats, whipping up an over-elaborate, nonsensical backstory for the whole series that leaves you with way more questions than answers. The worst horror sequel to come down the pike in some time. Skip it."