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79 T9 Paul (2011) - Feb 24, 2011
"A geeky valentine to 80's sci-fi. An enjoyably ramshackle but surprisingly biting road trip comedy/buddy movie. A further showcase for the smart, spot-on stylings of Pegg and Frost as a comic team. Not as sharp or exhilarating as "Shaun" or "Hot Fuzz" but entertaining--the kind of humor that deepens with multiple viewings."
67 T6 The Girl Who Played with Fire (2010) - Mar 22, 2011
"An improvement over its predecessor, but still no great shakes. Nyqvist remains so uncharismatic that he's virtually transparent, and the story still seems needlessly cluttered as a means of distracting from its no-big-dealness, but there's some genuine emotion to be found here, as well as a few surprises, and the overall pacing is stronger. Also, once again, Rapace's virtually the whole show; I'm becoming a pretty big fan of Lisbeth, if not the franchise as a whole."
70 T7 Gulliver's Travels (2010) - Feb 20, 2011
"Jack Black recruits an army of Liliputians to build him an epic-sized mansion, pees on a fire to put it out, and brings peace to all just by rolling around on the ground singing "War (What is it Good For?)." Roughly four hundred trillion miles from what Swift originally intended, no doubt, but my kids enjoyed it, and there are a few high-spirited laughs and bright performances. Not all that bad, I guess."
46 T3 Gnomeo and Juliet (2011) - Apr 14, 2011
"Pretty frigging forgettable. Inspiration began and ended when somebody had the idea of redubbing Romeo Gnomeo and mounting a lawn decoration redo of "Romeo and Juliet." Slow, obvious, and generally bereft of any of the zest or inspiration that buoys "Rango" and most of the Pixar flicks. There are a few chuckle-worthy sight gags to keep hardcore Shakespeare buffs watching, and there's a (fairly unfunny) cameo by Patrick Stewart as a Shakespeare statue. There ain't much else, though."
77 T8 Merantau (2009) - Jan 05, 2011
"So, what we have here is basically a rehash of "Prime Cut," with Iko Uwais in the Lee Marvin part. Undoubtedly the best Indonesian martial arts movie I've ever seen...but it's also the only Indonesian martial arts movie I've ever seen, so, you know, there's that. Uwais is a commanding presence, displaying some of the young Jet Li's intensity and often moving so quickly and furiously in the fight scenes that the camera has trouble tracking him. Cool. Jeeja Yanin could kick his ass, though."
10 T1 Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) - Oct 29, 2011
"Infuriatingly harebrained. They're not even trying anymore. Alternates between deadlly dull and off-puttingly, hysterically over-the-top, with no genuine scares to speak of and a surprising level of rank incompetence on display. Plus, it flat-out cheats, whipping up an over-elaborate, nonsensical backstory for the whole series that leaves you with way more questions than answers. The worst horror sequel to come down the pike in some time. Skip it."
38 T3 And Soon the Darkness (2010) - Jun 03, 2011
"I can't in good conscience recommend this--it's just too cheesy and schlocky--but I can say that I'd happily watch Amber and Odette read the phone book together, provided they were still wearing those world class, Hall of Fame bikinis they sport here. The movie's something you've seen plenty of times before--most recently in "Hostel 2," I suppose--but...super hot chicks! Gadzooks hubba hubba homina homina etc."
26 T2 Fast Five (2011) - Jun 18, 2011
"A wet dream for 12-year-old gearheads; well-nigh intolerable for anybody else. Utterly, defiantly unbelievable and unappealing from frame one, and you've never seen such lazy acting in an aspiring blockbuster. You also haven't seen such calculated egomania on display since the vintage, big-screen days of Steven Seagal. Soulless. "
89 T10 Rango (2011) - Mar 22, 2011
"Epic. I loved it. The most bafflingly, thrillingly original animated movie ever made, maybe? The best Western since "Open Range?" The most exhilaratingly weird thing Depp has done since "Fear and Loathing?" Super, super easy to overrate, because there's simply never been anything else like it, ever. But wow, is it awesome. Is it too early to deem this thing the best movie of 2011?"
70 T7 The Innkeepers (2011) - Jan 29, 2012
"Its budget is visibly pretty low, and it's not exactly the most well-crafted horror flick out there, but this is unabashedly old-school and provides more than its share of kicky ghost story fun. So many horror filmmakers these days neglect to imbue their films with atmosphere and personality, forgetting that these are the elements that make the scares stick. In THE INNKEEPERS, the scares stick. Also, Sara Paxton is really, really cute."