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82 T9 Drive Angry (2011) - Mar 04, 2011
""I never disrobe before a gunfight." Exhilaratingly sleazy, over-the-top action-horror insanity, shot in absolutely gorgeous 3-D. It contains a stunning amount of visual pizazz for a movie about pissed-off stunt drivers from beyond the grave, as well as another in a long line of epically unhinged Cage performances. Never for a second does it take itself seriously, and never for a second is it not irresistible."
74 T8 Finding Dory (2016) - Jun 19, 2016
"Educational. Learned lots of stuff in this one, foremost of which was that if Al Bundy were a sea creature, he’d be a seven-legged octopus. That psychotic seal with the eyebrows that doesn’t talk needs to be Disney/Pixar’s version of that insufferable Scrat character from the ICE AGE movies. Nobody in my family cried at this, which is getting to be a rarer and rarer thing with frigging Pixar."
59 T5 Get Low (2010) - Jun 02, 2011
""You need to start saying what you mean!" Duvall barks at Murray early on, and then he spends the entire film refusing to heed his own advice. This flick contorts itself into an epically knotty pretzel trying to keep the truth about its main character hidden until the very, very end. It's a Southern slice-of-life period dramedy, it tries hard to be a Gothic mystery, but it's way too schematic from a script standpoint to succeed much as either, despite some good performances."
54 T4 Unknown (2011) - Mar 02, 2011
"Yearns desperately for the Hitchcockian, but only achieves the preposterous. Neeson is commanding as always, and the climactic reveal is kinda cool, I guess, but it's hardly worth the vigorous suspension of disbelief the movie demands, basically from the get-go. We haven't even met the main characters as people before we're snorting in disbelief at the gargantuan plot contortions they're being shoehorned into. There is a good car chase, though."
79 T9 Paul (2011) - Feb 24, 2011
"A geeky valentine to 80's sci-fi. An enjoyably ramshackle but surprisingly biting road trip comedy/buddy movie. A further showcase for the smart, spot-on stylings of Pegg and Frost as a comic team. Not as sharp or exhilarating as "Shaun" or "Hot Fuzz" but entertaining--the kind of humor that deepens with multiple viewings."
78 T9 Scream 4 (2011) - May 02, 2011
"Against all odds, this is pretty damned entertaining. The most inspired "Scream" flick since the first one, with an intricate, gratifyingly clever Williamson script and an electrified group of performers. Not all that scary, but undeniably a lot of fun, particularly for those who still remember what a buzz the first "Scream" flick gave them all those years ago. Plus, it's just cool to see Neve Campbell back and kicking ass again."
82 T9 I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale (2009) - Dec 05, 2010
"A must-see doc for everybody who believes the 1970's was the greatest decade for American film. Cazale knew his stuff--a genius actor who, most valuably, wasn't afraid to play weakness without a hint of irony or self-awareness. Every actor who worked with him was indisputably all the better because of him. "
37 T3 War Horse (2011) - Jan 30, 2012
"Dreck. Spielberg should be commended, I suppose, for resisting the urge to make his horses talk and walk on two legs, but they're still ridiculously anthropomorphized, and there isn't a sentimental Golden Hollywood family-friendly war picture cliche that the director doesn't furiously and mawkishly hammer into the ground. Shameless and endless. Rent AU HASARD BALTHAZAR instead, why don'tcha?"
67 T6 Haywire (2012) - Jan 28, 2012
"This is one laidback action flick. Carano has the presence and instincts of a genuine star, and Soderbergh has crafted a zippy, fast-paced vehicle for her. The problem is that the whole thing’s just so light and inconsequential. It’s fun to watch Gina beat the hell out of virtually every male in the cast in what looks like real time, but there’s not much in the way of suspense to go along with all the girl-on-guy butt-kicking."
87 T10 Marwencol (2010) - Apr 16, 2011
"As moment-to-moment fascinating as any movie I've seen in a long, long time. One second it's a gripping, inspiring tale of the triumph and resiliency of the human imagination; the next, it's a portrait of one of the most bizarre men in the history of the universe. Then in the last few minutes, it folds in on itself and completely blows your mind. Further proof that nothing is weirder, or more amazing, than real life. Highly recommended."