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79 T9 Paul (2011) - Feb 24, 2011
"A geeky valentine to 80's sci-fi. An enjoyably ramshackle but surprisingly biting road trip comedy/buddy movie. A further showcase for the smart, spot-on stylings of Pegg and Frost as a comic team. Not as sharp or exhilarating as "Shaun" or "Hot Fuzz" but entertaining--the kind of humor that deepens with multiple viewings."
75 T8 Now You See Me 2 (2016) - Jun 13, 2016
"If I ran Hollywood, the FAST & FURIOUS franchise woulda been put to bed years ago and I'd be prepping to shoot NOW YOU SEE ME 3 & 4 back-to-back right about now. The first one drove you crazy with the dumb plot twists but made for great weekend HBO find-something-on-TV-and-leave-it viewing. This one strives for that kind of disposability right off the bat, so it's aces all the way. Also somebody needs to make a 10-hour YouTube video of Lizzy Caplan saying "South African gangstas!""
49 T3 The Ward (2010) - Jun 18, 2011
"Carpenter tries, and I'd watch Heard read the phone book for 90 minutes, as I believe I might have said before. But this picture just doesn't work. Realistically, that script's probably unfilmable, and I'd be lying if I said the legendary director doesn't lose his nerve (or lose interest) somewhere down the stretch. Remains watchable, though, particularly for Heard fans."
89 T10 Rango (2011) - Mar 22, 2011
"Epic. I loved it. The most bafflingly, thrillingly original animated movie ever made, maybe? The best Western since "Open Range?" The most exhilaratingly weird thing Depp has done since "Fear and Loathing?" Super, super easy to overrate, because there's simply never been anything else like it, ever. But wow, is it awesome. Is it too early to deem this thing the best movie of 2011?"
59 T5 Get Low (2010) - Jun 02, 2011
""You need to start saying what you mean!" Duvall barks at Murray early on, and then he spends the entire film refusing to heed his own advice. This flick contorts itself into an epically knotty pretzel trying to keep the truth about its main character hidden until the very, very end. It's a Southern slice-of-life period dramedy, it tries hard to be a Gothic mystery, but it's way too schematic from a script standpoint to succeed much as either, despite some good performances."
82 T9 Drive Angry (2011) - Mar 04, 2011
""I never disrobe before a gunfight." Exhilaratingly sleazy, over-the-top action-horror insanity, shot in absolutely gorgeous 3-D. It contains a stunning amount of visual pizazz for a movie about pissed-off stunt drivers from beyond the grave, as well as another in a long line of epically unhinged Cage performances. Never for a second does it take itself seriously, and never for a second is it not irresistible."
67 T6 The Girl Who Played with Fire (2010) - Mar 22, 2011
"An improvement over its predecessor, but still no great shakes. Nyqvist remains so uncharismatic that he's virtually transparent, and the story still seems needlessly cluttered as a means of distracting from its no-big-dealness, but there's some genuine emotion to be found here, as well as a few surprises, and the overall pacing is stronger. Also, once again, Rapace's virtually the whole show; I'm becoming a pretty big fan of Lisbeth, if not the franchise as a whole."
70 T7 The Innkeepers (2011) - Jan 29, 2012
"Its budget is visibly pretty low, and it's not exactly the most well-crafted horror flick out there, but this is unabashedly old-school and provides more than its share of kicky ghost story fun. So many horror filmmakers these days neglect to imbue their films with atmosphere and personality, forgetting that these are the elements that make the scares stick. In THE INNKEEPERS, the scares stick. Also, Sara Paxton is really, really cute."
82 T9 I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale (2009) - Dec 05, 2010
"A must-see doc for everybody who believes the 1970's was the greatest decade for American film. Cazale knew his stuff--a genius actor who, most valuably, wasn't afraid to play weakness without a hint of irony or self-awareness. Every actor who worked with him was indisputably all the better because of him. "
26 T2 Fast Five (2011) - Jun 18, 2011
"A wet dream for 12-year-old gearheads; well-nigh intolerable for anybody else. Utterly, defiantly unbelievable and unappealing from frame one, and you've never seen such lazy acting in an aspiring blockbuster. You also haven't seen such calculated egomania on display since the vintage, big-screen days of Steven Seagal. Soulless. "