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93 T10 Meek's Cutoff (2010) - Jul 07, 2011
"Perhaps the most badass PG-rated pseudo-Western ever made. Slow, grueling, and tremendously satisfying--a controlled, uncompromising slice of 19th century American desperation. And it's got more drama at the edge of every frame than most hunks of so-called Oscar bait each year have front-and-center. Not for everybody, but if you're a fan of Naturalism and/or Michelle Williams, this'll be a gratifying, rewarding experience."
64 T6 Arthur (2011) - May 14, 2011
"The quick-witted, prickly Brand's a vast improvement over Dudley Moore, and Greta Gerwig's amazingly cute, but overall, this is more mildly amusing than outright funny. Seems like it isn't sure whether it wants to take the family-friendly route or a raunchier, Brand-off-the-leash approach, so it ends up pretty watered down and sort of pointless. Plus it goes on forever. I still prefer it to the dull-ass original, though. "
10 T1 Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) - Oct 29, 2011
"Infuriatingly harebrained. They're not even trying anymore. Alternates between deadlly dull and off-puttingly, hysterically over-the-top, with no genuine scares to speak of and a surprising level of rank incompetence on display. Plus, it flat-out cheats, whipping up an over-elaborate, nonsensical backstory for the whole series that leaves you with way more questions than answers. The worst horror sequel to come down the pike in some time. Skip it."
67 T6 The Girl Who Played with Fire (2010) - Mar 22, 2011
"An improvement over its predecessor, but still no great shakes. Nyqvist remains so uncharismatic that he's virtually transparent, and the story still seems needlessly cluttered as a means of distracting from its no-big-dealness, but there's some genuine emotion to be found here, as well as a few surprises, and the overall pacing is stronger. Also, once again, Rapace's virtually the whole show; I'm becoming a pretty big fan of Lisbeth, if not the franchise as a whole."
54 T4 Unknown (2011) - Mar 02, 2011
"Yearns desperately for the Hitchcockian, but only achieves the preposterous. Neeson is commanding as always, and the climactic reveal is kinda cool, I guess, but it's hardly worth the vigorous suspension of disbelief the movie demands, basically from the get-go. We haven't even met the main characters as people before we're snorting in disbelief at the gargantuan plot contortions they're being shoehorned into. There is a good car chase, though."
38 T3 And Soon the Darkness (2010) - Jun 03, 2011
"I can't in good conscience recommend this--it's just too cheesy and schlocky--but I can say that I'd happily watch Amber and Odette read the phone book together, provided they were still wearing those world class, Hall of Fame bikinis they sport here. The movie's something you've seen plenty of times before--most recently in "Hostel 2," I suppose--but...super hot chicks! Gadzooks hubba hubba homina homina etc."
26 T2 Fast Five (2011) - Jun 18, 2011
"A wet dream for 12-year-old gearheads; well-nigh intolerable for anybody else. Utterly, defiantly unbelievable and unappealing from frame one, and you've never seen such lazy acting in an aspiring blockbuster. You also haven't seen such calculated egomania on display since the vintage, big-screen days of Steven Seagal. Soulless. "
74 T8 Finding Dory (2016) - Jun 19, 2016
"Educational. Learned lots of stuff in this one, foremost of which was that if Al Bundy were a sea creature, he’d be a seven-legged octopus. That psychotic seal with the eyebrows that doesn’t talk needs to be Disney/Pixar’s version of that insufferable Scrat character from the ICE AGE movies. Nobody in my family cried at this, which is getting to be a rarer and rarer thing with frigging Pixar."
67 T6 Central Intelligence (2016) - Jun 18, 2016
"It's taking suspension of disbelief to a whole other level when a movie asks you to buy the Rock handily getting his ass kicked by 5'4" Aaron Paul. Also the climax is supposed to be this big cathartic upbeat celebration but all I kept thinking was "Jesus, Rock, at least put on some underpants." You can make it marginally more satisfying by imagining Jason Bateman's character as the same guy he played in THE GIFT. (Though that means Gordo would also have gone to this high school)"
59 T5 Get Low (2010) - Jun 02, 2011
""You need to start saying what you mean!" Duvall barks at Murray early on, and then he spends the entire film refusing to heed his own advice. This flick contorts itself into an epically knotty pretzel trying to keep the truth about its main character hidden until the very, very end. It's a Southern slice-of-life period dramedy, it tries hard to be a Gothic mystery, but it's way too schematic from a script standpoint to succeed much as either, despite some good performances."