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74 T5 Don't Breathe (2016) - Sep 06, 2017
"Let's be honest here: this is an above average horror flick with some really innovative gimmicks. It owes a bit to Panic Room and Wait Until Dark, but is elevated via its look, feel, & Stephen Lang's villain performance. It isn't classic horror that makes you psychologically wired for a few days due to the premise alone (like Psycho, Seven, or Rosemary's Baby). Yet it carries enough shocks to keep you engaged during the running time. I could've done without the slight towards atheists, however."
95 T10 Tower (2016) - Sep 06, 2017
"An astonishingly creative treatment of actuality. The director takes this moment in history and tells it in a wonderfully inventive way, using archive footage, animation, actors, and quotes. The tension stays for 90 minutes, in a kind of sci-fi way as these characters relate something that had never really happened in America before. But that is sadly all too common. But most of all it is a profound film about survivor's guilt that ends with great context about our world. Highly recommended. "
78 T6 Sully (2016) - Sep 05, 2017
"Eastwood continues his wisened "get off my lawn!" approach to filmmaking and protagonists. Here he believes that a human element is something that can't be recreated "in a video game", and has our hero fight against that. But he's given a great biography--as well as a wonderful Tom Hanks performance. Captain Sully's competency, humanity, and conflict are warm & approachable. It ends a bit too suddenly, but that is a minor complaint. This would make a great retirement home screening!"
94 T9 Christine (2016) - Aug 21, 2017
"Highly recommended. A great period piece of a time when our culture (& tv news) was changing pace and empathy. Rebecca Hall and the script make Christine an empathetic character, whose struggle to maintain a sense of ethics in a changing time you should admire, even if you don't agree with her ultimate solution to the conflict. This film would serve as a great double bill with Nightcrawler--both films about driven, emotionally compromised people forced to navigate television's rough environment."
88 T8 Detroit (2017) - Aug 09, 2017
"Bigelow's best flick refines her docudrama approach with a rumination on corrupt power & passions igniting. She gets a strong cast, an intriguing real world story with genre applications, and a timely message. I saw this film days after U.S. President Trump encouraged police officers to “rough up” suspects while detaining or arresting them. The actions of this Detroit police force are indicative of the "America" Trump supporters want to return us to when they say “Make America Great Again""
95 T10 Southside with You (2016) - Aug 07, 2017
"It does what biopics should do: rather than giving us a cradle to the grave epic on someone we know, it instead focuses on one story that could work as a picture on its own. And, were Barack and Michelle not even real people, this story would tower above similar romantic dramas from the last 15 years. Tika is great as Michelle, and the writing stays focused by making these two individual people with very defined wants and goals, trying to make their relationship work. Highly recommended. "
49 T1 Baby Driver (2017) - Aug 06, 2017
"Not since The Guardians of the Galaxy have I seen a movie avoid a script by having its soundtrack do all its emotional heavy lifting. What's worse is that it is a basic Mo'Wax/Funk 45 Spotify playlist--from 15 years ago. Additionally the morals of the film are appalling as there're no repercussions to the violence and motivations of some characters. All that could be forgiven if the film didn't have a complete lack of joy and escapism. Avoid at all costs. My least favorite film of the year. "
97 T10 Dunkirk (2017) - Jul 20, 2017
"Dunkirk keeps of Nolan's trademark philosophies: parallel storytelling, shifting timelines, and a character confronted by a big lie that they are willing to believe. But what's new about this film is a (timely) humanity. Nolan has some interesting thoughts on how we treat refugees, how the "other" can be impacted by conflict, and old men sending young men to fight. It does lose some steam due to bad dialogue mixing. But that's a minor complaint. Highly recommended & maybe the year's best film."
76 T5 Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) - Jul 10, 2017
"Not since Wes Anderson's Rushmore have I had this much fun watching a weird high schooler with bizarre extracurricular activities have a relationship with an eccentric older millionaire. The fight scenes are a bit lackluster, and I think there's just a bit too much going on plot-wise. But that is balanced out by the strongest young cast I've seen in a movie since The Social Network or The Stanford Prison Experiment. And there were plenty of giggles--capped off with the last line. Recommended. "
72 T5 Barry (2016) - Mar 26, 2017
"At times Barry aimless as it includes a bunch of snapshots of college life, dating & parties. Yet I wish the film would have been like American Pyscho or Shame and done a better job of building and showing how a unique psychological condition (in this case isolation) could have been impacted by a stimuli. Perhaps Obama's natural ability to bring Harmony out of conflict hampers a biopic on him. Still Terrell is fantastic & the questions from '81 ring true. I just wanted a bit more. "