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95 T10 Logan (2017) - Mar 08, 2017
"Logan owes a debt to westerns like True Grit or Shane, but builds on them with its fanboy imagery, world, and awesome action scenes. The quiet moments--like the dinner scene chemistry with Jackman & Stewart--give it a gravitas built by seeing these characters age onscreen for 2 decades. Dafne Keen as X-23 as awesome! Also, this is a timely film that in a way comments on how the world uses refugee/immigrant children as props. Easily the best superhero film since The Dark Knight. "
85 T8 John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) - Mar 01, 2017
"A strong continuation of a unique character & world. Some minor missteps come from the pacing/placement of the action sequences as well as casting Common as an anti-villain. Still, the fight scenes & gunplay are expertly choreographed--making this an action movie version of La La Land. The Wick character continues to be great, with some almost Hamlet-esque ruminations on revenge, duty, and action. The ending, like Empire Strikes Back or The Dark Knight, sets up a great next chapter. Recommended!"
87 T8 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - Dec 16, 2016
"I think I'll like these Star Wars anthology films--especially if they are genre pictures set against the backdrop of Lucas's vision. This story is also timely. We witness a world coming undone because of a madman leader who mistakes "peace" with "terror" as he's opposed by a heroic group featuring brown skinned folks, a woman, a disabled person mocked for no reason, and a persecuted member of a religious minority. And it ends with one of the best action sequences of the year. Highly recommended."
70 T4 Lake of Fire (2006) - Nov 27, 2016
70 T4 The Fog of War (2003) - Nov 27, 2016
79 T7 Dark Days (2000) - Nov 27, 2016
79 T7 Manic (2001) - Nov 14, 2016
88 T8 Doctor Strange (2016) - Nov 03, 2016
"A fun blast. It owes more than a bit to both The Matrix and Inception. Like both of those you follow a protagonist who learns that his reality has a greater depth than originally imagined. And it also cribs some of the kung fu action, and bending architecture from both. But, if it has one problem, it is that it lacks the philosophical depth and quotable dialogue of both those films. Still, this shatters the previous mold of the Marvel/Disney origin stories, and Cumberbatch is charming as always."
74 T5 The Birth of a Nation (2016) - Oct 17, 2016
"This flick should be shown as part of an intro to Black Liberation Theology. A wonderful scene has Nat explain to his fellow slaves how the same Bible verses used to keep them slaves, also damn their masters. And the film is timely in everything from religious fundamentalism/martyrdom, political violence and government dehumanizing. However, as a motion picture it could've been a bit more. While the central romance needs some work, the messianic imagery of the ending is almost laughable."