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How Many Titles Does Netflix Have?

Netflix, Inc.show?

Netflix just announced they they carry over 85,000 titles (including those that aren’t technically films, such as TV shows). At nearly 16,000 titles, Criticker’s movie database is pretty slim in comparison, but we’re working on adding movies every single day.

And we won’t even bother to check how many films IMDB has. It would just depress us.

Link: Netflix

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2 Responses to “How Many Titles Does Netflix Have?”

  1. 1 KGB

    Now that we’re talking about movie sites…

    What is qritic.com all about? I mean, it came out at the same time of Criticker… Are you aware of it? In cooperation with it? Just wondering, the site seems suspicious either way.

  2. 2 Dink Martini

    Netflix is using some very creative math to claim a huge selection of titles. My short answer is they offer 50-55 thousand titles. The long answer follows using some fairly hard math from a customer:

    To date (24 April, 2011), I have rated 48468 titles on Netflix. RATED not seen! I have actually only SEEN approx 4000 titles. The remainder I have rated as “not intersted” because I don’t care about the subject. Also, since I’m now 47 years old I can only hope to see approximately another 3-4 thousand titles before I go the way of all flesh. Knowing this, I am reducing what remains to avoid slogging through tens of thousands of titles to get to what I like.

    In 18 categories, there are 16412 titles that I have not rated. I do not count the blue ray category as I’m certain there are very few (possibly zero) films available in blue ray that are not also available in standard dvd format.

    Of the 16412 unrated titles remaining, you must subtract a healthy percentage due to titles being listed in multiple categories. Luckily for me, I posted numbers in october of last year (2010) concerning this same question. At that time, I had rated exactly 43000 titles (seriously, I was watching my milestones) and at that time, I had not rated 18,459 titles. So…I have actually rated 5468 titles since october. But the number of unrated titles only decreased by 2047 due to multiple categorization (is that even a word?). 2047 is roughly 37% of 5468. So we can assume that only 37% of my current 16412 unrated movies are countable as individual titles. That means that there are 6072 titles remaining to be rated by me (37% of 16412). Add that to the 48468 that I have already rated and netflix’s library size is 54540 titles.

    Now for all the qualifiers:

    Many, many of the titles that I have rated are IN the NF database but are NOT available. There is no way for me to easily find this number so I’ll approximate one later.

    Many titles that I have rated have since become unavailable. Again, no easy number to come by without a painstaking grind of a count.

    I would not put the total of the above two qualifiers any higher than 3500-4000 titles. If you subtract that from the 54540 library size computed earlier you can approximate that NF offers 50-55 thousand titles.

    There is no easy way to get a count of titles that are offered solely as streaming and not on dvd. So there is a variance of a few thousand max (I’d approximate much lower). Add it in or take it out as you see fit.

    According to posts eslewhere about this issue, NF counts all discs in a multiple disc title. This means they count ‘making of’ discs and ‘extras’ discs. Ridiculous to do so? A customer says ‘yes’ but a marketing exec says ‘no’. NF also counts multiple seasons of the same television show. Again this looks great on paper but to a customer it means nothing. If I hate season one, disc one of Scrubs then I’m sure as hell gonna hate season 9, disc three of scrubs. ‘Scrubs’ is a ‘title’. ‘Scrubs, Season 2, Disc 4’ is NOT an individual ‘title’. Also, I’m sure NF is counting their blue ray library as individual titles. Nothing pumps up a number like double counting. Sleepy Hollow on blue ray is still Sleepy Hollow on DVD.

    To be fair, let me write that NF is clearly the leader in Movie media rentals. In addition to a sizeable disc library, they also offer streaming. In my experience their turn-around times on mailed discs is outstanding. Their streaming libarary, while not presently up to snuff, is increasing daily. The quality of the streams is very good and watchable. Personally, I have a few issues with their recent decision to terminate some of the best interactive features of their site. I also feel that they’ve turned away from their current customers a bit in favor of streaming to mobile devices. This is something that will NEVER make sense to a cinephile like me. Sure, if you’re traveling, you might like to stream a movie to a 3 inch screen. But other than that, who wants to try to experience cinema on a tiny screen out in the world? Makes no sense to me. It is now easier to contact their customer service by phone. However, you can’t shake the feeling that all you’re getting is lip service once you get through.

    My love/hate relationship rages on with them. What they ARE doing, they do very, very well. However, they seem disinterested in seeking true customer satisfaction and are instead steaming on in what direction they choose. Typical of a monster company.

    In short, there’s good and there’s bad. I’m not saying that NF is a bad company. But I AM saying that they’re fabricating their library size as a marketing ploy.

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