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Archive for October 1st, 2007

The True Origin of Harry Potter

Last night, I was watching “Troll“, a movie from 1986:

troll movie

And, to my surprise, I realized that two of the main characters are named “Harry Potter”.

harry potter Junior

Harry Potter Jr. (above) aka Atreyu from “The Neverending Story“, is played by Noah Hathaway.

Troll is much older J. K. Rowling’s somewhat more-famous creation. Is there a relation? Is the entire Harry Potter series actually an homage to her favorite film? Can it be mere coincidence, or is the insidious Black Magik of the Troll somehow at play? If you have any input, feel free to post a comment. I am eager to find out more… and kind of afraid.


There are so few opportunities to watch Julie Louis-Dreyfus run around wearing ivy (And only ivy.) that you have to take notice of this film. When the Potters move into a new apartment they never dream what will happen next, their daughter Wendy is soon replaced by a malevolent troll! The capricious creature enjoys confusing Harry or Anne with strange antics, almost to the point of neglecting it’s true goal. Slowly and surely it uses a magical ring to turn the other apartments into magical forests, each one populated by the transformed inhabitants. Harry Jr. takes pains to avoid his sister, mainly since she is beating him up, (Really not good for the budding male psyche – getting thrown around by your little sister.) so he befriends Eunice. She gives him a magical spear to defeat the Troll’s minions, good thing since she fares poorly against them. In a bizarre twist ending the Troll foils his own plans, plunging the magical spear into the guardian beast to save Wendy’s life. There is even one more twist ending involving a police officer and the laundry room, but we won’t go into that

Image/Plot Source: Star Pulse / Bad Movies