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Archive for October 10th, 2007

We have a Dream: a Czech Dream!

czeck dream

I just watched Czech Dream which is a documentary about a fictional hypermarket. Not too many Criticker users have seen it, and since I found it pretty good, I thought I’d draw some attention to it.

The film raises the question, “What power does advertising hold over us?” Lately, I’ve been especially annoyed by ads for “healthy” cereal. They are on all the time, and yes yes, I’m sure: Special K, how wonderful to lose so much weight and it’s so delicious, too. And I can have fun with my fabulous girlfriends while eating it in a hip café! And it’s good for my heart! And I can eat Special K Snack Bars while on the go? Because I have a “busy lifestyle”, right? FRRUGHGH! Must… resist… brainwashing…

Sorry for the rant. Lately, I’ve just been snapping every time yet another cereal commercial comes on. I can’t help it. I hate Special K. Here are some trailers from Czech Dream:

Watch the end of the video below, it’s a must see:

Link: Official Website

Criticker Link: Czech Dream

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