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Archive for October 13th, 2007

Gorno: Torture is good for you


Am I the only one who thinks that the America’s new torture enhanced interrogation policy is partly responsible for the Gorno trend in recent film making? In case you’re lucky enough to have never heard of it, allow me to ruin your day: “Gore+Porno = Gorno = Splatter Film = Torture Porn” :

A combination of graphic violence and sexually suggestive imagery has at times been labeled “torture porn” or “gorno”

We have a few of these charming films listed on Criticker:

I’m probably missing a ton, here, but honestly I think these films are pretty sick, even if Jack Bauer has been busy teaching Americans that “Torture’s A-OK”. Do you want to read more about the connection between torture in movies and enhanced interrogation? Read this report from the LA Times: “We love to torture

Press for Criticker

We love praise… who doesn’t? And we’d like to share some recent press with our passionate users, who are always helping to make our site better.


Criticker is a nice site that makes rating a lot of movies fun and easy — I rated more in 30 minutes on the site than I have in 10 years of casual IMDb use. Their recommendation engine makes mostly good recommendations (with a few misses here and there), and the ability to tweak how it interacts with your Taste Compatibility Index to determine rankings means you can up the accuracy of ratings. Unlike sites that recommend products based on what everyone thinks of them, Criticker recommends films based only on the opinions of people who have a similar taste as you, which makes a big difference.

The lesson there may be that the crowd as a whole isn’t always smart (or at least isn’t well suited to every task we try to throw at it). However, more focused crowd intelligence can yield potentially exceptional results.

Link: Full Read/WriteWeb Review


I have been a heavy user of imdb and Wikipedia for years as far as it concerns to movie references. Yet, both of them are not very suitable in the sense of immediate social interaction and networking. Movie blogs are much better in that. Thus, when I stumbled Criticker I had to give it a chance. registration went pretty easy and after a short few min I was already submitting my first “mini-reviews” aiming to obtain the first 10 required to participate in the Taste Compatibility Index (TCI).

Link: Full Individual @ Home Review


The concept behind this all is quite simple – Let user’s rate movies which they have seen, on a scale of 0-100, other users who want to see any movie can first read the user reviews of all the movies and then decide the best. Users will just have to click on a movie title to get to know about a short summary, genre, direction and the star cast of the movie they wish to see.

Link: Full Instacritic Review

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