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How to Survive a Horror Movie

survive horror movie book

I have a love/hate relationship with horror movies. The gross stuff doesn’t bug me too much but I hate it when something jumps out of the dark without any warning.

Every month or so, a new horror movie hits #1 at the box office no wonder there are dozens of new fright films slated for release in 2007. But if you find yourself trapped in one of these movies, there’s no need to be afraid. How to Survive a Horror Movie teaches readers how to cope with every kind of horror movie obstacle, from ax-wielding psychopaths to haunted Japanese VHS tapes.

Full of illustrated instructions on avoiding ghosts, serial killers, haunted cars, murderous pets, telekinetic prom queens, and countless other hazards, How to Survive a Horror Movie is essential reading for movie buffs of all ages!

Book: How to Survive a Horror Movie

Shopping Link: DVDs For One Dollar

American Werewolf under the Xmas Tree

werewolf in London

werewolf lifesize

For just $5,000, you can give the “American Werewolf in London” fan in your family a very nice Christmas present.

Each hand and head are latex and foam filled. -Upper and lower teeth and tongue are resin cast! -Glass eyes -NFT (YAK FUR) head/neck/chest/back -NFT grey fur on the body -From front claws to back he is 8 feet long -Width of front paws is the largest at 5 feet -He’s 3 1/2 feet tall -Steel armature -Molded polyfoam body -The wolf splits at the waist for shipping/storage/ or half display

Of course, for anyone who loves American Werewolf in London that much, $5000 might be better spent on psychiatry sessions.
Link: Life-Size American Werewolf

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Alfred Hitchcock Wiki


I just found out about this really cool Alfred Hitchcock resource page, loaded with everything you need to know about the master of suspense. I especially like their 1000 frames of Hitchcock feature:


Every frame a masterpiece.

Link: Hitchcock Wiki

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Criticker Wishlist

Yesterday, we introduced new a new feature at Criticker — Wishlists (just in time for Christmas!)

From your wishlist, you can specify your preferred format (Bluray, DVD, etc) and write a personal note. You can rearrange the ordering of your wishlist, and send it out to your friends and family.

“… wait”, you might be thinking. “Didn’t Criticker already have wishlist functionality?”

Kind of. We had previously used the term “wishlist” interchangeably with “saved” films. This was incorrect & confusing — just because you choose to remember a film for later, doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to own it. That distinction has now been more clearly drawn. You can still choose to remember/ignore films, and you can also add them to your Wishlist. So, if you were previously using the “remember” functionality as an ersatz Wishlist, you might want to do a transfer.

Check out my wishlist to get a feel for it, and then start creating your own! You can add films to your wishlist from their information pages.

Another note: right now, we only directly link to Amazon.com, so apologies go out to our non-US users. We are soon expanding to include Amazon’s other supported countries (Canada, France, Germany, Japan, UK) and otherwise will be looking for country-specific merchants.


Are you a fan of the Alfred Hitchcock’s original Phsyco? You will love this remake.


Did you know that in the original movie, in this scene they used chocolate sauce as a special effect for the blood, and because it was in black and white no one was the wiser.

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3 Free Andy Dick DVDs

We got 3 free DVDs (region code 1) of Andy Dick’sDanny Roane: First Time Director” and don’t want to keep them just to ourselves. So we’re giving them away to our users… this is the kind of film nobody should make money on. We’ll ship it for free to the first 3 users who leave a comment here expressing interest. Please be willing to write a review about it (which will be published on the blog) and make sure to leave your Criticker user name in the comment.


Here are my 2 cents:

Why does Andy Dick even bother with a mockumentary? Danny’s story seems to be 95% based on Andy’s real life, and a straight-up documentary would be a lot more interesting:

Does Andy really need this movie to come clean with his past? Is it OK to laugh about your excessive alcohol consumption, if you do it behind the winking “hilarity” of a mockumentary?I don’t think so!

The movie actually had more laughs (2) than I was expecting (0), but the last 30 minutes are almost not worth watching.

Link: Andy Dick’s oficial site

Music Link: DRM Free Mp3 downloads

Facebook Refresh Button

A few people have pointed out that the Refresh button on the Facebook application is missing. We discovered that Facebook had deprecated a bit of their code, which made it impossible for us to display the button.

We’ve fixed the issue now. You’ll have to click on the “Refresh Profile Box”, from the main application page, here: http://apps.facebook.com/criticker/

Sorry about that! Thanks for your patience, and to all of you who made us aware of the issue.