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American Werewolf under the Xmas Tree

werewolf in London

werewolf lifesize

For just $5,000, you can give the “American Werewolf in London” fan in your family a very nice Christmas present.

Each hand and head are latex and foam filled. -Upper and lower teeth and tongue are resin cast! -Glass eyes -NFT (YAK FUR) head/neck/chest/back -NFT grey fur on the body -From front claws to back he is 8 feet long -Width of front paws is the largest at 5 feet -He’s 3 1/2 feet tall -Steel armature -Molded polyfoam body -The wolf splits at the waist for shipping/storage/ or half display

Of course, for anyone who loves American Werewolf in London that much, $5000 might be better spent on psychiatry sessions.
Link: Life-Size American Werewolf

[via: green head]

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