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Archive for April, 2008

Full Daily TCI Updates

And a collective sigh went up from the Criticker Community… “Finally!

We’ve finally finished the functionality that fully updates TCIs every single day.

You all should see much more movement, much more frequently in your top TCIs from now on. Every day, we your TCIs will be kept up-to-date against our entire database of users. This means, too, that your recommendations will be better.

My New TCIs

And, it’s already running! Go check out your TCIs now, and see if you have a new #1.

Cheap Blu-Ray: 3 for 2


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The Enigma of Uwe Boll


You might be all like, WTF. Or maybe you have read that one post that clearly proves that Uwe Boll is a fucking madman, and you’re not surprised but rather slightly amused. Not as amused as when he literally beat the crap out of critics who didn’t like his films (that is, everyone), but hey, he’s a media bitch and it’s always fun when there’s a new Boll story going on.

Well, just for you, I’ve decided to look back into this story to check out what it’s all about.

Shit, I thought I would have to dig a little to find info about this. Appereantly he said it all in the director’s commentary of Alone in the Dark: Boll is recieving his funding from Germany, where a tax flaw allows the investors to live hapily ever after (you can read all about it here; take your time to read it, it’s gold material). So appearently Uwe Boll is one motherfucker that makes how many terrible films he wants to, then goes on public bitch talking and crying for attention, makes no profit at all from the films and still gets out on the upper hand. That’s right folks, Uwe Boll has a fucking film-industry scam.

So what does this have to do with the video? Maybe nothing. But the fact is that this german law had been eliminated over two years ago, and while Uwe Boll is probably not going to be punished for taking advantage of it (since he wasn’t actually abusing it). I might be getting it all wrong, don’t take me as a trust-worthy source, after all that’s why I provide the links.

Still, I’m guessing that even though a lunatic, this man is not stupid. Boll knows what he’s doing and he probably know that it’s time to find a better plan, maybe some pyramide scheme or something. So a petition comes on, and Uwe Boll screams for attention again and says, ‘I want 1 million votes’. Then he goes on, blah blah, another petition. It might have nothing to do. We will probably see Uwe Boll again, my friends; but this might be the beggining of the end.

And for conclusion, just a quote in case you didn’t open that last link, out of an interview with Uwe Boll:

QUESTION: Why do you use choose to shoot many films in Vancouver?

UWE: Good locations and crew. Labour tax rebates.

The guy’s a fucking monster.

One Person Film Project

Just seeing that guy going down this snowy hill with all his equipment deserves a mention on Criticker Blog. I’m very excited to see the result.

From his site:

I am making a feature film – entirely on my own – and my girlfriend is filming me doing it. Witness the struggle, the setbacks, the highs and lows as I fight the odds; and see the process of filmmaking like never before! Please help me – It is very hard to get your film seen without famous celebrities, but if I can show that there are already people interested in what I am doing – then I may stand a chance!

Link: The Lone Filmmaker

[via: fresh creation]

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