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Update Film Information Automatically

You’re aware of the usual drill… You discover that Criticker doesn’t list Sylvester Stallone as one of the actors in Rocky, and want to help correct the oversight. What next?
1) You write out a forum post detailing the omission
2) One of us notices your post
3) We process the update
4) We notify you over the forum

Those are a lot of steps for a simple thing like adding Sylvester Stallone to Rocky. And now, they’ve vanished. From now on, when you discover such an omission or mistake in our film information, you can make an update which takes effect immediately.

You can update film summaries, years, actors, directors, screenwriters, genres, trailers, and alternate titles. Your change will automatically go into effect and you’ll be credited with having last updated the film information.

Of course, any system which allows users to automatically update information is potentially dangerous, which is why we’ve taken steps to secure it. For example, you gain access to this feature only after having ranked 50 films. That should help hinder troublemakers who sign up only to make trouble. And admins are able to quickly back out any change. Further, we have the ability to revoke the privilege from any user — and we will use it without mercy, should the need arise.

But so far, the need hasn’t arisen. We quietly introduced this feature on Friday and, since then, have processed over 400 film information updates — 100% of which were valid. You guys rock!! A week ago, that number of updates would’ve taken us hours upon hours.


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2 Responses to “Update Film Information Automatically”

  1. 1 Tom (Sengir)

    Noticed this and loved the upgrade, good one guys

  2. 2 pilgermann

    I just now spotted the update feature and I’m happy that it’s there and that noone’s abused it! We seem to have a decent online community.

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