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Collections Watch – Djross’ 60’s Masterpieces

Collections, the newest major functionality to Criticker, allow users to create lists of films in whatever way they like. There are no real restrictions on the kind of collections you can make, so it leads to some really interesting and creative lists.

User djross, for example, as created a private collection of films he considers 60’s Masterpieces: “Movies released between 1960 and 1969 which I consider masterpieces (scores of 91 or higher)“. You can sort his selections based on your PSI, and note which of his favorites you haven’t seen yet.

Au hasard Balthazar — one of djross’ 1960’s masterpieces

This is a private collection, which means other users cannot add to it — but with the recent changes to collection functionality, you can give it star if you like it. Creating private collections is a great way to share lists of your favorite films (or the most hated) in a creative way with the rest of the Criticker community.

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2 Responses to “Collections Watch – Djross’ 60’s Masterpieces”

  1. 1 paulofilmo

    Lovin’ djross’ collections (and present tags). High class subjectivity and aesthete, I thank the conviction of his collections for a fine model.

    I haven’t the chops to follow suit, but I hope others will.

  2. 2 Hells Zargon

    Good to see some quality collections being publicised.

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