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Archive for August 13th, 2009

Merchandise: Terminator Factory – Star Trek Bottle Opener – Harry Potter Film Cels

Terminator Factory

terminator factory

There’s just something unsettling about seeing rows upon rows of Terminator cyborgs being assembled.
True to 1:6th scale, this T-700 assembly line diorama features light-up eyes and button on the manufacturing machine. Base has the Terminator Salvation logo.

More info: Terminator Factory Sculpture

Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

star wars bottle opener

Next time, have one of these on hand. Handy and stunning, these chromed-out beauties do quick-work on bottles while still screaming Federation. They feel heavy in your hands, like a good phaser, so if diplomatic relations fail you, you can always chuck ’em at your hosts’ heads as a weapon.

Buy here: Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

Harry Potter Film Cells

harry potter film cells

One of the most popular series ever to hit the movie screen! Montage features collection of actual 35mm film cells and mini-posters from all 6 theatrical releases. Each cell is one-of-a-kind, cut from real film and may vary from those shown. Double matted and attractively framed for display in your home or office, it includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Limited edition of 2500.

More info: Harry Potter Film Cells