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Archive for August 17th, 2009

My Parents the Contrarians: G.I. Joe and District 9

Yesterday, I made the weekly call to my folks. They’re recently retired and making the most of their abundant free time by going to the cinema more frequently. They had just seen both G.I. Joe and District 9, and are probably the only people on Earth who loved the former and hated the latter.

My theory is that they’re becoming senile and got the films mixed up — they walked out of District 9 saying to each other, “Wow G.I. Joe was really great!” It’s either that, or I must stop loving them.

This looks in no way enticing. Does it?

I know that I’ll soon see (and enjoy) District 9, but I’m having an internal struggle with G.I. Joe. It’s embarrassing that even a tiny slice of my brain is attracted to it. I mean, it was less than a month ago that I ignored my better instincts and decided to give the second Transformers film a shot. I left the theater shell-shocked and sickened at my own gullibility. How could I have let myself believe that it might be fun? Why wasn’t I able to trust the critics, let alone this website which I spend every waking hour working on?!

And why am I similarly drawn to G.I. Joe? I know that it’s going to be awful, and that I’m going to be mad at myself immediately after seeing it. Why should I reward a studio which churns out such junk with my money? Should I go with low expectations, hoping to at least have them met?

Laremy Legel has a great article at Film.com, explaining why it’s okay to keep our expectations high and allow ourselves to hate G.I. Joe. I think I’m going to read it every day until I finally lose the desire to waste my money. Or… what do you think I should do?

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