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Archive for August 25th, 2009

DVD Report – August 25th

A strong week for films new to DVD is headed by Adventureland — a surprisingly mature and very-well received comedy from the creator of Superbad. But the Criticker Pick for this week is Goodbye Solo, an award-winning film about a cab driver who tries to talk an old man out of suicide by re-introducing him to the joys of life.

AdventurelandAverage Tier 6.87
A comedy set in the summer of 1987 and centered around a recent college grad (Eisenberg) who takes a nowhere job at his local amusement park, only to find it’s the perfect course to get him prepared for the real world. Adventureland @ Amazon

DuplicityAverage Tier 5.01
A pair of corporate spies who share a steamy past hook up to pull off the ultimate con job on their respective bosses. Duplicity @ Amazon

Sunshine CleaningAverage Tier 5.40
In order to raise the tuition to send her young son to private school, a mom starts an unusual business — a biohazard removal/crime scene clean-up service — with her unreliable sister. Sunshine Cleaning @ Amazon

FightingAverage Tier 3.58
In New York City, a young counterfeiter (Tatum) is introduced to the world of underground street fighting by a seasoned scam artist (Howard), who becomes his manager on the bare-knuckling brawling circuit. Fighting @ Amazon

Criticker Pick!Goodbye SoloAverage Tier 7.07
A cab driver tries to convince an elderly man not to go through with his plans to jump off a mountain Goodbye Solo @ Amazon