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Merchandise: Star Wars Dagobah Frog Habitat – Wolverine Mask – Donny Darko Mask

Star Wars Dagobah Frog Habitat

star Wars frog habitat

This exciting replica of Yoda’s home planet is the perfect place to watch the metamorphosis of tadpoles transforming into frogs! Learn why frogs play an important role in the eco-system while enjoying the Dagobah swamp theme. Easy to clean habitat with fun and informative learning guide includes mail-in coupon for live tadpoles.

More info: Star Wars Frog Habitat

X-Men Wolverine Jacket Replica

x men jacket

It’s Wolverine, baby! This Wolverine Replica Jacket and dog tag were extensively researched and produced using only the finest authentic materials as worn in X-Men, the first movie of the blockbuster trilogy. The only jacket replicating all the details and approved by both Marvel and 20th Century Fox, it’s fully lined and made of genuine heavy-grade leather with leather accents, distressed by hand to reflect the many adventures Logan has been through.

Check it out here: X-Men Wolverine Jacket Replica

Donny Darko Mask

Donny Darko Mask 

Halloween is right around the corner. Dressing up as Donnie Darko won’t be a problem with this creepy mask.

Link: Donny Darko Mask

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