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New Enhancement – Featured Reviews

Originally a suggestion by TonythePony, the newest enhancement at Criticker is Featured Reviews. Apart from just the films which you’ve scored the highest, you can now choose which of your mini-reviews are to be highlighted on your profile page.

You can bring attention to overlooked films which you loved, or clever mini-reviews which you’re proud of. Or whatever else! Your list of Featured Films is stored as a collection, and you have control over it just like any other collection. Any film can belong to your Featured Films collection, but in order for it to show up on your Profile, you have to have ranked it and written a mini-review.

And you can feature any number of films. 10 will be chosen at random for display on your profile.

So what are you waiting for?! You’ll see the link “Feature on Your Profile” on the film information page of any movie you’ve written a mini-review for.

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3 Responses to “New Enhancement – Featured Reviews”

  1. 1 valmeade

    So we can finally star our own reviews? Sweet!

  2. 2 astrakhan

    Awesome! The opportunity to be not only a reactive critic, but an active promoter, is most welcome.

  3. 3 bercutio

    So lets say you have ranked 1000 films and have more than 50 featured reviews. But only 10 is randomly displayed at any given time.

    This is my question: How do you modify that list? What happens when you want to no longer have some of the reviews featured on your profile but you cant remember all of them, how will you find them? Keep refreshing your profile forever and hope that by chance they will appear sooner or later?

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