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Archive for September 28th, 2011

DVD Report – September 27th

The pick of the week is Carlos, originally a five-part miniseries shown on France’s Canal+, and released today on DVD and BluRay by Criterion. The epic story of Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, a Venezuelan revolutionary (or terrorist, depending on your point of view), is told over the course of 338 minutes and has been universally hailed as a masterpiece. This one is definitely worth your hard-earned dollars.

Transformers: Dark of the MoonAverage Tier 3.89
The third installment in Michael Bay’s trilogy travels back to 1969’s historic moon landing, when Neil Armstrong and his Apollo 11 cohorts touch down in the Sea of Tranquility … and discover what appears to be a downed Transformers craft. Flash forward to the present, and the Decepticons are ready to exact revenge on Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots. Shia LaBeouf returns as Sam Witwicky, the Autobots’ human ally. Transformers: Dark of the Moon @ Amazon

Criticker Pick!CarlosAverage Tier 7.66
The story of Venezuelan revolutionary, Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, who founded a worldwide terrorist organization and raided the OPEC headquarters in 1975 before being caught by the French police. Carlos @ Amazon

L’amour fouAverage Tier 6.75
A documentary on the relationship between fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent and his lover, Pierre Berge. L’amour fou @ Amazon

Dum Maaro DumAverage Tier 6.00
Goa. Paradise on Earth. But every Paradise has a few snakes. Multiple lives collide brutally one day at Goa Airport… and change forever. Dum Maaro Dum @ Amazon

Go for It!Average Tier 3.00
Carmen is a good student with a bad attitude who lives for dancing in the underground clubs of Chicago. She yearns to be ‘somebody’ but is afraid to believe in herself. Her immigrant Mexican, working-class parents want her to stay in school and get an education, so she attends junior college while working at a grocery store. Carmen’s professor catches her performing one day in the neighborhood and challenges her to audition to a formal dance school in California… Go for It! @ Amazon