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Enhancement – Replace Poor Posters

For quite awhile, Criticker has allowed users to upload poster-sized images for films that didn’t yet have one. But, we didn’t have a way for users to replace poor-quality posters. Now, you can do so, under the Film Update box on any film’s page.

As noted in the instructions for uploading a new poster, we won’t replace perfectly valid posters with secondary ones. That is, this tool is to replace poor posters, and not submit additional ones.

Examples of poor posters include:

1. Posters with excess white space


2. Screenshots as opposed to posters


3. Strangely-shaped posters (overly long, or wide)
4. Pixelated posters, or those with poor-resolution
5. Posters for the wrong film

This new feature will be a big benefit to those have you who have kept us vigilant about bad posters on Criticker, and will help us a lot, in getting to these updates more quickly.

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1 Response to “Enhancement – Replace Poor Posters”

  1. 1 td888

    Great improvement functionality, only your first point is a bit ironic (“Posters with excess white space”), considering how much white space Criticker itself uses……. 😉

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