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The Ten Worst Films of 2012

Time for our annual year-end list which compiles the very worst films of 2012, as decided by the users of Criticker. As usual, the rules are simple — eligible films are those on the 2012 Reminder List for the 85th Oscars, which have at least fifty rankings at Criticker.

And without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, we humbly present the worst trash of the year, starting with #10:

10. Resident Evil: Retribution – 2.7579 Average Tier

“Pencil thin Milla supposedly reverts to being a normal human in the beginning yet she’s wielding a chain with a lock like a fucking ninja spinning upside down kicking zombies in the teeth. Anderson is such a mindless hack he can’t even keep up with all the storyline changes to the characters in his movie. The actors must have been standing in the same green screen room reading off teleprompter because that’s what the acting is like at times. Pretty cgi but shitastic everything else.” – CinemaAsia

9. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance – 2.7412 Average Tier

“A film in which a child jumps on Nicolas Cage and vomits fire into his face so he can turn into Ghost Rider should be awesome. But it just ins’t. Better than the first, but that isn’t saying much…” – WalkenRoll

8. A Thousand Words – 2.6486 Average Tier

“Wasting Eddie Murphy’s talent like this and what’s mostly gone before is probably the greatest waste of talent of his generation. This is mostly sit-com ad nauseum.” – http://www.criticker.com/profile/Stewball

7. Wrath of the Titans – 2.6234 Average Tier

“Despite a couple moments of visual inventiveness and splendor, this feels a lot more like watching a friend play a boss rush mode in a hack and slash video game than a movie. Outside of a few likable bits with Toby Kebbell’s character Agenor, there’s basically nothing resembling a genuine, human moment in its two hours (ironic for a film exploring the value of humanity). Worse than any of the three Transformers films, honestly.” – Ytadel

6. Chernobyl Diaries – 2.6119 Average Tier

“Six unlikable people do unlikable things until some radiation people kill them in the dark where we can’t see anything.” – SirStuckey

5. Paranormal Activity 4 – 2.5125 Average Tier

“If you dislike the first 3, you’ll hate this one. If you like the first 3, you’ll hate this one” – ezpkns34

4. The Cold Light of Day – 2.3898 Average Tier

“Henry Cavill’s performance and character is terrible and Weaver looks more tired than ever. Pure Euro-trash.” – Ofterdingen

3. One for the Money – 2.1277 Average Tier

“A long, long way from KNOCKED UP, Katherine Heigl attempts to start a franchise of her own: an adaptation of the Stephanie Plum novels. However good the novels may be, for the sake of the cinema, I hope no more films are made. Heigl’s Plum is annoyingly incompetent, whiny, and unfunny, not helped by a wretched script: a boring, convoluted mystery packed with unlikable, sometimes offensive characters, like Jason O’Mara’s obnoxious love interest. A really painful experience from start to finish.” – xacviant

2. Piranha 3DD – 1.8855 Average Tier

“Where the original was a hilarious sendup to grindhouse-style b-movie gore, this sequel is an unfunny, vulgar, stupid, uninspired piece of worthless shit that should have gone directly to dvd, if that.” – mark83

1. The Devil Inside – 1.8547 Average Tier

“‘We know we fucked up so we’re just going to end this now, whatever, fuck ya’llololo’ Still laughing over that ending, oh my goodness. It’s amazing that the worst movie of the year came out the first week of January, well done William Brent Bell!” – BillyShears

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5 Responses to “The Ten Worst Films of 2012”

  1. 1 cuculiza

    I disagree with the rule for the list. Why is it restricted to Oscar-elegible movies? Oscars only take in consideration films RELEASED IN THE US from January to December, and I suppose there’s not only people from the US in this site.

  2. 2 nauru


    Please remove this restriction.

  3. 3 abdullah gul

    cuculiza’s proposal is legitimate.

  4. 4 luna6ix

    Apparently i’m alone in my righteous hatred for the new silent hill movie.

  5. 5 homosuperior

    This list doesn’t say much about the discretion or wit of Criticker users, which I’ve held to be better than this before now. How hard is it to swipe at Piranha 3D? Too easy, by far.

    Now, Prometheus and Dark Knight Rises, those were real stinkers.

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