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Criticker’s Twenty Best Films of 2012: #1-10

And here they are: the ten best films of 2012, as decided by the users of Criticker. As always, it’s a varied group, with a few major surprises — on seeing the previews earlier this summer, I’d have never guessed that #10 would be among the year’s best! Foreign films almost always do well at Criticker, and 2012 was no exception — four spots in the Top Ten are occupied by movies from Europe.

You might notice one major exception: a film which was released rather recently and hasn’t racked up enough ratings to be included in this list. We’ll revisit the top twenty just before the Academy Awards, and see how things have changed.

10. Wreck-It Ralph – 7.4902 Average Tier

“Mixes well-drawn character arcs and settings wonderfully fresh and creative yet somehow simultaneously nostalgic and comforting for a cinematic potion that feels like it was brewed just for me. Certainly one of the best of 2012, and arguably the best non-Pixar Disney animation since 1994’s The Lion King. Would make a great miniature film festival paired with Scott Pilgrim and Community’s 8-bit episode.” – Ytadel

9. Silver Linings Playbook – 7.5145 Average Tier

“This whimsical fantasy is strongest in its portrayal of broken people reaching out beyond themselves for a chance at healing. What’s on display here may be relatively mild forms of mental illness, but that doesn’t make the story any less true or impacting. Rather, the more comic tone sets this story apart from others that treat mental illness more directly, and, as a result, more seriously. I appreciated the film for what it was–snappy writing, strong performances, and an affecting conclusion.” – Icarus

8. The Imposter – 7.6344 Average Tier

“This is probably the closest a film has to come to “scaring” me since I realised that films aren’t scary. The story itself is terrifying enough but it increases tenfold upon the realisation that this is an actual documentary (I went into this completely blind). Incredibly well made and a fascinating, nail-biting experience. One of this years best.” – RapeyVessey

7. Holy Motors – 7.7216 Average Tier

“One could enjoy this just based on the “wtf” that it makes you feel, but there are a lot of weird movies. Holy Motors has some incredible scenes, such as the rendition of Let My Baby Ride, or the ending (it made me laugh). That’s the thing, for as odd as it is, and for how great the premise is, there is a point here (I don’t entirely know what it is, I just know it’s there, maaan). It uses music well, and the vignettes range from weird, to heart wrenching to violent… and it does it easily.” – Obdurate

6. Oslo, August 31st – 7.7450 Average Tier

“With a beautiful visual style, sensitively molded to the equally sensitive central character story, and some heartfelt acting, especially from the talented Anders Danielsen Lie, Joachim Triers existential drama creeps slowly but surely under your skin.” – Henrik

5. The Master – 7.7800 Average Tier

“Phoenix’s face is the star of the film, impeccably lit to accentuate all the brilliant contours of his thin, expressive mug. The cinematography, music, and performances all blend together to form Anderson’s most bizarre film yet, one that fabricates a mirror between the two main characters in their sexual passion, their vices, and their spirituality (which may all be the same thing). That’s a simplistic explanation for a theme far richer than I can briefly describe here. A beautiful work.” – Actionberg

4. Moonrise Kingdom – 7.8007 Average Tier

“Pierrot le fou for children. Wes Anderson for lovers. Bill Murray as an American treasure. Bruce Willis as someone who’s uncool. Edward Norton as a funny scoutmaster. A gorgeous film.” – wetwillies

3. Intouchables – 7.8318 Average Tier

“Touching from the very first frame, with a ton of great laughs convincingly delivered by a charming Omar Sy. The chemistry between Driss and Phillipe cannot be bought for money – A highly recommendable film wich I sat through with one big smile on my face…” – Bunken

2. Amour – 8.1968 Average Tier

“A heart-wrenching look at an elderly couple dealing with the trials of old age. As typical with Michael Haneke films, it has a mechanical feel due to slow pacing and an emphasis on quiet long-takes, but it is directed with the sure hand of a master filmmaker. The performances by Emmanuelle Riva and Jean-Louis Trintignant are stunning achievements of acting. Amour is one of the toughest films I have ever sat through, but it is a triumph of film-making that deserves all accolades it has received.” – DougieD

1. Django Unchained – 8.3413 Average Tier

“Tarantino’s Western pastiche may be more thoughtful and have more tenderness than much of his work, but when the blood flows, it gushes. The violence here comes from the brutality of slavery and bounty-hunting, both of which Django (Jamie Foxx) experiences, the latter as he seeks his beloved Broomhilda (Kerry Washington). Directed with great panache, well-written, and well-acted across the board–Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson are superb–it is a long but worthy tale.” – xacviant

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  1. 1 Randy Mathew

    Wreck-It Ralph as one of my favorite animated movie for 2012 is on top 20 as expected.

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