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Two New Genres: History & Biography

We’ve just added two new genres to Criticker, which will suit the gentleman above just fine. Biography and History join the ranks of genres into which Criticker’s films can now be classified. We’ve started them off with a few films apiece, and now ask our users to help fill them out!

Biography: List of Films
History: List of Films

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3 Responses to “Two New Genres: History & Biography”

  1. 1 djross

    I don’t really think History is a genre or a useful categorization. Biography could conceivably be called a genre, but it already exists as a public collection, and I’m not sure the duplication is worthwhile.

  2. 2 Moribunny

    Aren’t all biographies historical?

  3. 3 Vesey

    I love the Biography tag always wanted a Biopic one, pretty much same thing. Thank You.

    Honestly though the History one confuses me a bit. I’m not sure where to draw the line is that all period pieces or movies based off a true story, even if it’s not based around events in a history book?

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