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Criticker’s Twenty Best Films of 2013: #11-20

2013 is coming to an end, which means it’s time for our annual round-up of the year’s best films. For this list, we considered the films which have 50 rankings or more at Criticker, and are eligible for 2013’s Best Picture Oscar. Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars make appearances in the first half of our Top Twenty list, though a couple of non-American flicks make the cut as well. Tomorrow, stay tuned for the best of the year. And if you’re interested, check out the year’s worst ten films.

20. Wadjda – 6.9216 Average Tier

“It’s a subtle but sharp indictment of how a society oppresses half its population while telling them they’re “separate but equal” – as long as they take care to police themselves to *keep* themselves separate, that is. “You can do anything if you put your mind to it,” but it doesn’t matter, since it will be taken from you anyway. At the same time, it’s really a quite effective and dare I say cute drama about a young girl who just wants a bike. Not perfect, but very promising.” – bof

19. Blue Jasmine – 7.0389 Average Tier

“Woody’s best since Deconstructing Harry. If Blanchett doesn’t get the Oscar for this I’m boycotting that shindig for life.” – Henrik

18. American Hustle – 7.2121 Average Tier

“This movie really needs to put ‘Special Thanks to Martin Scorsese’ in the credits. This movie is just so fun and ridiculous, it’s truly amazing. There’s a few things holding it back from being a classic; namely some of the monologues at the beginning (really borrowing from Goodfellas) and Lawerence seeming just a bit out of place compared to the rest of the cast. But even still she’s fine and Bale, Cooper, C.K., Adams, Renner….and whoever else was great. Seriously, Cooper has an excellent perm” – dylanwilson6

17. Dallas Buyers Club – 7.2209 Average Tier

“Turns out a little overly gooey at the end, but damn if these characters aren’t great. Leto was amazing, McConaughey in a difficult role pulls it off with style. Seriously good stuff.” – Shellish

16. Captain Phillips – 7.2225 Average Tier

“Excellent stuff. Intense, thrilling and moving. The military operation towards the end is the weakest part, but the acting from Hanks in the last five minutes or so is the best from him since Forrest Gump.” – bentien

15. Mud – 7.2769 Average Tier

“An extraordinary coming-of-age film that explores love, chivalry and masculinity to beautiful effect. It all feels so organic and comes together so naturally – Nichols has a gift for storytelling that always puts character first but never obscures his themes. McConaughey once again demonstrates that he’s the most interesting star working right now.” – Alex Watkins

14. Nebraska – 7.4632 Average Tier

“Bleak and dreary, northern prairie winter backdrop doesn’t affect these characters who are so focused on the mundane, they’re incapable of recognizing the humor or the irony of their profound everyday b&w existence. They’re so busy lying to themselves, the lies they tell others are spewed out unchecked–except for Kate, Woody’s fishwife, who tells it like it is no matter what. Good to see Dern again, though I kept wondering if he grew those nose hairs for the part or if they were wardrobe.” – Stewball

13. Prisoners – 7.4879 Average Tier

“The direction and the performances are absolutely amazing. I don’t usually go for big acting, but it worked for me in this movie. If there’s anything wrong with it it’s that, in the end, it perhaps doesn’t live up completely to its full potential. But even though that might mean that it misses the mark (and only barely so) of becoming an instant contemporary classic, it’s still the best crime thriller in recent memory and one of my favorite films of the year.” – KasperL

12. The Past – 7.5707 Average Tier

“Farhadi’s first venture into a foreign language (French from Farsi) does not mark a substantial change for him artistically. This is a good thing. His characters still enter the film as black boxes rather than blank slates, and the dramatic peaks consist of expositions and revelations. The name of the film is almost ironic, because we like to think of the past as absent, gone, while Farhadi teaches us that it is ever-present. A highly intricate and intensive film with an ingenious final shot.” – Moribunny

11. Frances Ha – 7.5740 Average Tier

“It’s always refreshing to see a film that perfectly captures the feeling of being young and aimless. Fantastic storytelling.” – yesistasty

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