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Revamped Kumpel Page

The Kumpel Page has long been one of the most glaring eyesores of Criticker — subject to ridicule, hatred and revulsion. And that was just from us, the guys who designed it in the first place!

In our recent continuing effort to revitalize Criticker’s look, we’ve given the Kumpel Page a facelift. All the functionality is still there, it’s just been re-organized and brought more inline with the way the rest of the site looks. You can still see your Kumpel’s latest reviews, still get recommendations from your Kumpels, and generate “Joint PSIs” of films neither you nor a particular Kumpel has seen.

“And what in the world,” some of you may be asking, “is a Kumpel?” Kumpel (pronounced koom-pel) is German for “buddy” or “pal”. We’re a half-German team here, so at Criticker, you’ll never have “friends” or “buddies”. You’ll have kumpels. Grab some Bratwurst with them, and go see a movie!

Go check it out!

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