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Criticker: Now Accepting Television Series

“How can you justify adding 30-second shorts from 1902 to your database, but not Breaking Bad? What sense does that make?”

That has long been a question which users have put to us… and our answer has always been to squirm uncomfortably, and then suddenly point at something really exciting going on behind them, and slip away.

The truth is, there is no good justification, besides how it complicates things. But we’ve decided that we’ll just have to accept the extra work. Because, really, we need to have Breaking Bad on our site.

If you go to the form used to submit films, you’ll see a new field. This is “Type”, where you’ll choose whether you’re adding a new film, new TV Series, Mini-Series, Short, etc. Please fill this field out accurately, as it will greatly help our moderators during the approval process. Please note that we are not yet accepting individual episodes or seasons… just the series themselves.

We kind of rushed this change out, so expect to find some errors and deficiencies. Please send any issues you discover to support@criticker.com, or make a note of them in the forum. And thanks again for your patience — we’re fully aware how long some of you have been waiting for this.

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  1. 1 amoxus

    Finally!!! 🙂

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