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The Ten Worst Films of 2015

Here they are, the ten worst films of the year… as chosen by you! These are the films which Criticker users didn’t just dislike, but loathed. The films which you hated more than any other, the ones which make you question just how they got made, and how the filmmakers can sleep at night. These are the movies which make you wonder about the state of humanity. How many have you seen? Come on, be honest!

10. Mortdecai – 2.7678 Average Tier

“i had the misfortune of seeing part of this film while i was at the nail salon, and it made me mourn for the death of film, and for humanity in general. i also felt great sadness for everyone involved in this project – from the director to the actors to the poor guy holding the boom on set. their work on this film seems to put a resounding end to any dreams anyone involved here might once have had of being an artist.” – nilooravaei

9. Aloha – 2.6923 Average Tier

“An incompetent mess of a rom-com that doesn’t work on any level. The story is loaded with plot holes, illogical character motives and a third act that jumps haphazardly between farce and forcing a zeitgeist message about respecting nature. All of the lead actors have been typecast in roles that misuse their abilities. There are small moments that could make a good movie, but it almost feels as if scenes are cut short, making the film an incoherent slog.” – DougieD

8. Taken 3 – 2.6505 Average Tier

“One of the most insufferable action films I’ve seen. I don’t blame the cast. The plot has more holes than substance, and the camerawork and editing made me want to swallow my eyes so I could throw them back up. This franchise has become a weird joke. Liam Neeson is on his way to the bank wiping tears of laughter with thousand dollar bills. As would I.” – cagedwisdom

7. Unfinished Business – 2.6306 Average Tier

“Things you need to know before watching this film: 1. Vince Vaughn plays himself….AGAIN!. 2. Tits everywhere. 3. Penis as well. 4. Being “mentally challenged” is a running gag. 5. Dave Franco smiles 946 times. Meh.” – Jerky

6. Poltergeist – 2.5741 Average Tier

“Poltergeist is a lazy and inept horror remake that is a complete waste of time and money. It isn’t scary, it doesn’t have anything in terms of characters or intelligence, and it’s incredibly boring. Its only redeeming factor is that its running time is barely an hour and a half, meaning I only had to waste that much time on it; I feel like it might have been unbearably bad had it tried to clock in anywhere close to two hours” – Matthew Parkinson

5. Hot Pursuit – 2.4711 Average Tier

“Sofia Vergara’s chest has more charisma than any of the characters.” – benoliver999

4. Fantastic Four – 2.2832 Average Tier

“‘Fantastic Four’ squanders every nugget of potential afforded it–from the cast to what could have been an interesting sci-fi horror take on the material–with its underutilized characters, unacceptable production value, and bafflingly rushed and misplaced final acts.” – thelyingpoet

3. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 – 2.1442 Average Tier

“The fact this is not really set in a mall pissed me off.” – felipelahm

2. The Boy Next Door – 2.1429 Average Tier

“In competition for comedy of the year. Line readings that occasionally wouldn’t feel out of place in The Room, especially by replacement Young James Franco. I think my favorite part is the plot points and motifs that go absolutely nowhere; the random blowie from the son’s girlfriend, the meaningless references to The Iliad, etc. Just an overall impressively bad movie.” – mwgerb

1. Fifty Shades of Grey – 1.8899 Average Tier

“Okay, I mean I knew the book was shit, but sometimes a movie can do better, right? HA. This was the most awfully boring movie I have seen in a long time. NOTHING EVEN HAPPENS. It’s a two hour long movie about a creepy dude and a doe-eyed idiot weirdly eye-fucking each other and then when the real sex finally happens, it’s… mediocre, to say it generously. Torture for the viewer, but not of the pleasant kind the franchise promises. Ugh!” – Catnip

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5 Responses to “The Ten Worst Films of 2015”

  1. 1 Dardan

    I’m glad to say that I have watched none of the movies on this list and that my first goal for 2016 is to keep it that way.

  2. 2 paulofilmo

    my first goal for 2016 is marxist revolution. my second goal for 2016 is to keep not watching the movies herein

  3. 3 Jorg

    Jupiter Ascending? Human Centipede III? 😛

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