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The Only Yogi Bear Scene You Need to See

I won’t ever see Yogi Bear, under any circumstance, not even at the tearful insistence of my demanding niece. But, though I’ll never know for sure, I’d bet a lot of money that there isn’t a scene in the entire film which reaches the emotional heights of this “alternate” ending.

I love how conflicted Boo-Boo is. He really doesn’t want to hurt Yogi, but $5000 is a lot of cash.

[Via Comics Alliance]

Christmas Gift Ideas 2010

Coraline – HD Trailer

Now this looks like it’s going to be an excellent movie. Henry Selick, who brought us The Nightmare Before Christmas, is directing a stop-motion animated version of Neil Gaiman’s award-winning graphic novel Coraline.

Gaiman’s work is usually extremely dark, and Selick doesn’t appear to have pulled any punches in his adaptation — the creepy button eyes, the menacing music and the cast of characters will surely give children nightmares for weeks. And we heartily approve of anything that terrifies children.

The animation may be stop-motion, but it’s anything but old-school. New animation and camera techniques have been developed for Coraline, which is going to be the first stop-motion film every shot in 3D.

IGN has been the place to go for up-to-date Caroline news, and they have an excellent set of exclusive preview videos. Personally, the mood and imagery remind me of Shane Acker’s excellent short 9, which is on Criticker in full, and well worth 10 minutes of your time.

Transformers Stop Motion

Anyone feel like creating something like this for Criticker, as a viral promotional piece? But… I’ll understand if you’re too busy ranking movies, lol.

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Transformers @ Criticker

Appleseed Ex Machina DVD Giveaway


We have 4 DVDs of the animation Appleseed Saga: Ex Machina to give away, in return for a review. I’m supposed to write one, too, but I couldn’t stand the film and don’t like being too negative.

But maybe I’m the wrong person to make a judgement. I haven’t seen the first Appleseed, didn’t like the way this one was animated (the whole movie felt like sequences from a computer game) and found the storyline unwatchable.

So to allow this film a fair shot at justice we are giving 4 DVDs (Region Code 1) away.

The only thing you have to do in return is promise to watch it and write a review about it, which we will put post here on the Criticker Blog.

Please post a comment if you are interested.

Buy this DVD now: Appleseed Ex Machina

This Year’s Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films

Above you can watch Meme Les Pigeons Vont au Paradis (Even Pigeons Go to Heaven) and if you feel like watching the other nominees stop buy TickleBooth, which lists places you can watch most of them online.

Link: TickleBooth

Breaking News: X-Wing under Attack

A couple days go, Criticker reported about the flying X-Wing Model project. We’ve just received harrowing images, showing that they’ve been attacked. The force is with us:

[via: ehrensenf]

Press for Criticker

We love praise… who doesn’t? And we’d like to share some recent press with our passionate users, who are always helping to make our site better.


Criticker is a nice site that makes rating a lot of movies fun and easy — I rated more in 30 minutes on the site than I have in 10 years of casual IMDb use. Their recommendation engine makes mostly good recommendations (with a few misses here and there), and the ability to tweak how it interacts with your Taste Compatibility Index to determine rankings means you can up the accuracy of ratings. Unlike sites that recommend products based on what everyone thinks of them, Criticker recommends films based only on the opinions of people who have a similar taste as you, which makes a big difference.

The lesson there may be that the crowd as a whole isn’t always smart (or at least isn’t well suited to every task we try to throw at it). However, more focused crowd intelligence can yield potentially exceptional results.

Link: Full Read/WriteWeb Review


I have been a heavy user of imdb and Wikipedia for years as far as it concerns to movie references. Yet, both of them are not very suitable in the sense of immediate social interaction and networking. Movie blogs are much better in that. Thus, when I stumbled Criticker I had to give it a chance. registration went pretty easy and after a short few min I was already submitting my first “mini-reviews” aiming to obtain the first 10 required to participate in the Taste Compatibility Index (TCI).

Link: Full Individual @ Home Review


The concept behind this all is quite simple – Let user’s rate movies which they have seen, on a scale of 0-100, other users who want to see any movie can first read the user reviews of all the movies and then decide the best. Users will just have to click on a movie title to get to know about a short summary, genre, direction and the star cast of the movie they wish to see.

Link: Full Instacritic Review

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