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Criticker Got Reviewed


Criticker just got reviewed on The Red Ferret Journal – “tantalisingly tasteful, tacky and taut tech trivia”.

Here’s a part of it:

The developers have clearly spent a lot of time putting this together and it shows. Oh and it’s pretty useful as a standard movie recommendation site too. Throw in a Wish List function like MovieLens and some synch functionality with email and your mobile phone (so you could see your recommendations while in a video store or standing outside a theatre) and it would be awesome.

I especially love the idea with the mobile function. Red Ferret thank you very much.

Do you run a blog? Why not write something about us? It’s a great way to see if your readers have the same taste in films as you. Plus, if we notice some traffic from your site, we might dedicate a blog post to thank you.

Link to read the full review


Criticker’s Big Relaunch

Welcome to the brand new Criticker.

We’ve been working extremely hard since December, 2006 on the new site. We think you’re going to like it.

Criticker first went online in November, 2005. The original site was small and (according to almost all of our initial users) extremely ugly. Back then, we didn’t know much about building a decent webpage. But, we were willing to learn and, in March of 2006, launched Criticker 2.0. This version was a major improvement. Over the course of the next 17 months, we saw our number of registered users leap to around 8000. Part of the reason was that we substantially increased our film library (to over 14000 films), and added a ton of new features.

But, something was still missing. The site was a major improvement, but a lot of features that people have come to expect weren’t there. The style and navigation were still problems. And so, in December 2006, we began work on a total revamp (codenamed “Gamma”).

We expected to work on Gamma for about 3 months.

9 months later, we launched. Why did it take so long? The main reason was the sheer breadth of new features and updates. We reworked every single page, and rethought every single function. Literally everything has changed. We’re only two people — and with life intermingling, it took a lot longer than expected.

But, now we’ve done it! This blog is just one of the new features at the new Criticker. Others include a forum, user messaging, a shop and completely revamped PSIs and TCIs.

Let us know what you think! Good or bad, please post your comments here.

Thanks! Let’s make Criticker the best recommendation site on the web!