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Michel Gondry takes on The Green Hornet

Months ago, when I saw that The Green Hornet would star Seth Rogen, I sighed. And then I saw the director, and sighed even deeper. Michel Gondry is whimsical. Seth Rogen is goofy. The Green Hornet should be neither of these things.

The film opens this weekend, and initial reviews haven’t exactly been effusive in praise. Sigh. But what could have been?

The New York Times has a great article about the latest Green Hornet’s rocky ride to the silver screen. Names like Eddie Murphy and George Clooney had been interested. This was way back in 1997 and was to be Gondry’s big-time Hollywood debut. He wanted Vince Vaughn as his crimefighter, the studio wanted Mark Wahlberg and the project soon fell apart.

But it came back, this time with Stephen Chow as director and Rogen as screenwriter. Gondry took back the reins after Chow proved too unpredictable, and he put a slimmed down Rogen in the lead role. And Nicholas Cage was supposed to be the bad guy…

But the director was unable to work with Nicolas Cage, the film’s original villain. For reasons known only to him, he insisted on using a Jamaican accent. “I was quite relieved when he announced he no longer wanted the part,” Mr. Gondry said.

That’s just awesome.

If you need a Green Hornet fix, but can’t stomach the thought of coughing up $10 for a film that’s probably going to be terrible, we’re here to help. Check out Bruce Lee as a truly kick-ass Kato in the short-lived 60s TV version:

[via NYT]


Things to Get Excited About: Tarsem Singh’s Snow White

Tarsem Singh has only directed a couple films, but they’ve been two of the most visually mind-blowing movies to hit theaters in the past decade. While The Cell was interesting, Singh really hit his stride with The Fall, which snapped up cinematography awards and universal plaudits from Criticker users.

And now, he’s signed on to direct Brothers Grimm: Snow White — an adaptation of the well-known fairy tale (in 3D, naturally). I assume this won’t be anything like the Disney version! We can’t wait to see what kind of crazy landscapes Singh dreams up.

To whet your appetite, here’s one of the director’s early works. I hadn’t seen this video in ages, and it still resonates.

DVDs for 1 Dollar

Oh No, Uwe Boll Made a Holocaust Film

I originally dismissed this as a joke, but it’s true. Uwe Boll has made a movie called Auschwitz. Surely I won’t need to tell you that it looks horrible. Just look at the evidence for yourself. Or don’t. It’s pretty awful.

Maybe there should be some sort of quality test that a director has to pass, before being given permission to make movies about sensitive topics. This is insulting.

Aronofsky’s Black Swan Wows Venice

How excited are we for Aronofsky’s Black Swan?

>——————— THIS EXCITED ———————<

Black Swan is a psychological thriller set in the world of ballet, starring Natalie Portman and Vincent Cassel. And if we can trust early reviews out of Venice, where the film opened the festival, Darren Aronofsky has added another masterpiece to his already impressive resume. Just check out the headline to this short review, at ObsessedWithFilm: “BLACK SWAN best film of the year – left me devastated, excited, tense and emotionally drained“. Ach, to be in Venice!!

We’ve found the trailer… looks spooky (as does Portman in the film’s official poster). It reminds me of Polanski’s early films, like The Tenant. US audiences will have to wait until December 1st.

Loving the Green Lantern Posters

I’m a geek for Green Lantern, and have been since I was just a little nerd. There’s home video of me running around the house at 7 years old, pointing my “power ring” at Sinestro/Mommy. So for the last few years, I’ve been in heaven as writer Geoff Johns revitalized the comic book and brought GL to the top of the sales charts, by creating a rich mythology for Hal Jordan and his supporting cast. There’s never been a better time to be a Green Lantern fan.

And now, the movie is right around the corner. The recently-wrapped Comic Con 2010 revealed all sorts of news about the upcoming adaptation, but nothing got my heart fluttering as fast as the posters.

I had been a little sour on Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, but the supporting cast inspires confidence (particularly Mark Strong), as does the video of Reynolds reciting the GL oath. Can’t wait!

Disney’s New Film – Tangled (Rapunzel)

The first teaser trailer is out for Disney’s newest animated feature, about Rapunzel… one of the few remaining “princess-in-peril” fairy tales the company hasn’t ruined tackled.

Tangled is apparently a catchy title designed to trick boys into watching a film which is pretty much about the silken beauty of long blonde hair. I’m skeptical about how exactly the plot could be stretched to feature length… will Rapunzel’s hair at one point become, horror of horrors, tangled?! But Disney did a good job with their last feature, The Princess and the Frog, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

However, there’s very little chance it will match the majestic and haunting beauty of the Barbie version. (Ray Harryhausen’s 1951 take on the story isn’t actually all that bad, though!)

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Jonah Hex Trailer Finally Hits (and is good!)

The official trailer for the Jonah Hex comic adaptation has hit the web… and it looks pretty good! I’ve been a fan of the comic for a long time, and have always thought a Jonah Hex story would make a great film. He’s a classic anti-hero and since he’s always shooting up bad guys, easy to root for.

The live-action flick, in theaters on June 18th, stars Josh Brolin as Jonah Hex (sweet!), John Malkovich as Turnbull (cool!) and Megan Fox playing herself. If the trailer is to be trusted, Brolin nails Hex’s bad-ass attitude, and the film is going to be a roller-coaster ride.

Fine, it’s ridiculous, but could this be a surprise summer hit? It at least looks more entertaining than The A-Team!

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