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Two New Genres: History & Biography

We’ve just added two new genres to Criticker, which will suit the gentleman above just fine. Biography and History join the ranks of genres into which Criticker’s films can now be classified. We’ve started them off with a few films apiece, and now ask our users to help fill them out!

Biography: List of Films
History: List of Films

Server Upgrade

Yesterday, you may have experienced some downtime — we have finally upgraded our server. Sparkling, brand new, and (hopefully) much faster. Initial monitoring seems to be promising — the page loads are quicker and database performance also seems much improved.

Of course, there are likely to be issues related to the move — a few of you have already pointed out some. Over the next week, we’re also upgrading all our backend software to the newest versions. Please send us an email if you detect anything that seems wrong, or encounter any error messages. The chances are we’ll already be aware, but the more eyes watching for fire, the better.

A huge thank you to all our Criticker Sponsors — without your support, we wouldn’t be able to afford these sorts of upgrades. If you haven’t considered signing up for sponsorship, please do so. As always, our site operates without any outside funding or third-party intervention … and Criticker users are apparently too savvy to click on ads! The no-ads version of the site, available for $4.99 a month, is a great way to support us.

Edit Scores from Search Results

We just introduced a quick new enhancement that allows you to edit scores directly from the Search Results. Before you could only submit new scores, but not edit the scores or mini-reviews of films you had already rated.

Hope you find this new improvement useful!

Enhancements to the Filmmaker Page

We’ve readied a couple new enhancements to start off 2013 on the right foot. These add functionality to the individual filmmaker pages.

1. Report Errors
Is there a typo in the actor’s biography? An improper or invalid profile image? An improperly credited film? Then let us know automatically by using this form. Reported errors will be checked daily and information updated where necessary.
2. Average Tier
In addition to your average rating for a particular actor or director, we now also show your average tier.
3. Order by Year
Now, you have the ability to sort your ranked films by score or by year — previously, there was no such choice. You can also organize the unranked films for a particular actor in the same way.

Hope you like these improvements. As always, please let us know if something isn’t working as expected!

Enhancement – Replace Poor Posters

For quite awhile, Criticker has allowed users to upload poster-sized images for films that didn’t yet have one. But, we didn’t have a way for users to replace poor-quality posters. Now, you can do so, under the Film Update box on any film’s page.

As noted in the instructions for uploading a new poster, we won’t replace perfectly valid posters with secondary ones. That is, this tool is to replace poor posters, and not submit additional ones.

Examples of poor posters include:

1. Posters with excess white space


2. Screenshots as opposed to posters


3. Strangely-shaped posters (overly long, or wide)
4. Pixelated posters, or those with poor-resolution
5. Posters for the wrong film

This new feature will be a big benefit to those have you who have kept us vigilant about bad posters on Criticker, and will help us a lot, in getting to these updates more quickly.

Order Your Collections However You Want

We’ve just introduced new functionality that allows you to order the films in your collections, however you want. If you want a certain film at the top of the collection, you can now drag & drop, and make it so. It’s a new option on the collection moderation page.

With this new bit of functionality, the daylight between “Wishlists” and collections has vanished. So, we moved the Wishlists into Collections. That is, your Criticker Wishlist is now a collection, which you can moderate and view just like any other.

We hope you like this new enhancement!

New Enhancement: Remove Individual Filters

Let’s say you’ve constructed a complicated filter on the Film Database page. For example, American action flicks from 2010 or later, ordered by number of rankings. But now you’ve decided that the film’s country isn’t important, and you’d like to remove the USA from the filter.

Before, there was no way to do that — you’d have had to remove the filter entirely and start over. But now, you can just click on the red button to wipe the “USA” filter away, keeping all the others.