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Spit Takes

Obligatory. You know? I’m not sure I’ve ever actually spit out a drink after something amusing. I’ve had that, where you’re laughing so hard and your mouth is full of beer… you know you’ll spit if you can’t control yourself. But I don’t think I’ve ever actually done a spit take. Maybe it just happens in movies.

[via Huffington Post]

Movie Posters from a Cooler Dimension

Paul Newman as Dr. Manhattan? Clint Eastwood as Wolverine? A 60s-era exploitation version of Avatar? YES PLEASE!

These are just a few of the creations that graphic artist Sean Hartter has put together in a series called Alternate Universe Movie Posters. There’s a heavy emphasis on superhero flicks, such as Punisher (starring Jack Palance) and Daredevil (with William Shatner). Not all of them put current films in the past; one poster re-imagines Clockwork Orange with Angelina Jolie as Alex… and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. I’m actually surprised that project isn’t already in production. The cast lists are just about as clever as the posters themselves.

Check out the full set of Hartter’s work… some are really hilarious.

[via Comics Alliance, via Nerd Bastards]

The Only Yogi Bear Scene You Need to See

I won’t ever see Yogi Bear, under any circumstance, not even at the tearful insistence of my demanding niece. But, though I’ll never know for sure, I’d bet a lot of money that there isn’t a scene in the entire film which reaches the emotional heights of this “alternate” ending.

I love how conflicted Boo-Boo is. He really doesn’t want to hurt Yogi, but $5000 is a lot of cash.

[Via Comics Alliance]

Christmas Gift Ideas 2010

Fake Criterions

We love the Criterion Collection — their transfers are of incredible quality, the DVD covers are stylish, and the films chosen for the canon are often surprising. Thought-provoking.

But even though they occasionally takes you off-guard with unconventional choices, plenty of films will never get the Criterion treatment. It was for all those crap movies that the Tumblr blog Fake Criterions was created. Enjoy.

Online Game Collection

Overthinkingit’s Female Character Flowchart

Presented without comment.

Click for Big

Alright, one comment! I get what they’re doing here, but I think that the size of the chart disproves the point. Turns out: there is a great variety of female characters. In other words, a similarly sized chart could be constructed for male characters, too. Not that I’m about to do it.

Still, fun to look through.

[Via Overthinkingit]

Top 10 Disgusting Halloween Masks

Merchandise: Sexy Hot Tan, Iron Man Suitcase, LOTR Bar Ware

Will Ferrell’s Sexy Hot Tan Sunscreen

sexy hot man lotion

  • Yes, a real SPF 30 sunscreen, and yes, it’s "Will-Powered"
  • Size: 6 oz.
  • PABA-free, Alcohol-free, Mineral Oil-free, Fragrance-free
  • UVB/UVA broad-spectrum protection
  • Non-greasy
  • Aloe and Vitamin E enriched
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Designed for an active lifestyle

"I’ve always dreamed of owning a lotion company," said Will Ferrell, "I’m proud to be associated with Cancer for College. Since 1993, CFC has helped students realize their college aspirations. Proceeds to CFC provides college scholarships to cancer survivors.

More info: Will Ferrell’s Sexy Hot Tan Sunscreen


Iron Man Mark V Briefcase

suitcase iron man

The Mark V Iron Man Suit in its briefcase form. This functional briefcase is made of aluminum and features a genuine-leather interior, custom-molded lazer-cut EVA foam (which reads "STARK"), and a hard-rubber lining seal to protect your files from the elements. The briefcase measures 16-inches tall x 21-inches wide x 6 1/2-inches deep and weighs a sturdy 14 1/2 pounds. The case exterior sports an elaborate machined look, with brushed aluminum and durable red automotive paint, as well as two buckles that have locks for privacy. It’s a limited edition of only 1,000 pieces worldwide!

Buy it here: Iron Man Mark V Briefcase


Lord of the Rings Bar Ware

lord of the rings Mug

Etched glasses, such as these fine ale-toting types, are clearly THE WIN when it comes to collectible glassware. Because the artwork is etched directly into the glass, the wear-and-tear of normal use will not affect them like their poorly-painted brethren. Also, unless you go breaking them up and chewing them, they’re completely safe and will never be recalled. Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! Now you just need to choose your favorite tavern: are you a Prancing Pony or Green Dragon type?

More info: Lord of the Rings Bar Ware

Chris Klein – Acting Legend

We just saw this incredible video of Chris Klein’s performance in the recent world-changing mega-smash Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. Of course you’ve already seen the movie, probably two or three times, at least. But, because the man’s performance is so engaging, his embodiment of the character so total, I never quite realized what a tour de force his turn as Charlie Nash truly was, until I saw the video which stitches together all his dialog. Enjoy… and learn from the best.

[via Slashfilm]

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