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Quiz: Which Lebowski Are You?

It’s unforgivable, but the guys who run Criticker had, until this past weekend, never seen The Big Lebowski. Worthy of a post in the forum topic, “Movies You’re Most Embarrassed about Not Having Seen“.

Anyway, we’ve seen it now and of course immediately fell in love with The Dude, Maude, the Nihilists and all the other hilarious characters in this film. It’s been mentioned many times in Criticker users’ mini reviews that The Big Lebowski is possibly the most quotable film of all time.

This morning, while searching for a ring tone that says “Dime Sandra. Sí? Sí? Qué ridículo! Bwahaha!!”, I came across a quiz that reveals which Big Lebowski character you would be. It’s a fun little time waster, and I was ecstatic to learn that I am Jesus Quintana, the pederast.


So which are you? Post results in the comments.

And if anyone finds that ringtone, let me know.

Movie Quiz! Movie Quiz!

Well, I might not have the reputation of giving you long, reading-worthy posts, or bringing you news about the craziest filmmaker since the makers of ‘Troll 2’, and I might happen to have the reputation of being the lazy guy who brings some links that could entertain you for about five minutes… Well yeah, that’s about me.

And this time, I’ve brought you a cool movie quiz. There are four of them. You’ll see a picture, and will have to recognize the film it comes from. While some are terribly easy, some of them might be confusing while others will be stright impossible.

Well, share your scores! Mine are:

Quiz 1 – 20 / 30
Quiz 2 – 22 / 30
Quiz 3 – 13 / 28
Quiz 4 – 11 / 30

Horror Movie Online Quiz


Too bad I didn’t see this quiz yesterday. I hope you all had a spooky Halloween. We watched the House of Wax — another Gorno Movie I forgot to mention in my previous post about these charming films.

Anyway, take the test and feel free post your results as a comment (I got a 33% — slightly better than just straight guessing!) Also, we’re curious what horror movies you were watching last night…

Take the Horror Movie Quiz Now

Game: Indiana Jones and the Lost Treasure of the Pharaoh


Everyone’s excited about the new Indiana Jones movie. Until it comes out, why not waste some time with this fun little online adventure game?

Be Indiana Jones now

[via: ehrensenf]

The Simpsons: The Ball of Death

Before you get distracted by the game, I would like to draw your attention to a fascinating interactive map of Springfield:


Discover Springfield, where live the Simpsons family; Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa and Maggie. Roll over the places to discover a picture of it. The map of Springfield is based on the Guide to Springfield USA. I made this interactive, the job is not finished, there are allways framegrabs to add and add some functions to the map.

Link: Interactive Springfield Map And here’s the game:

Simpsons The Ball of Death
Click here to play this game

[via: quereyoon /welsh view]