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Manohla Dargis: Fuck Yeah!

I just got done reading an interview with one of my favorite film critics, Manohla Dargis of the New York Times, at Jezebel.com. That lady has a mouth like a sailor, especially when the topics include romantic comedies, the perception that women can’t direct great films, and… the Oscars:

Let’s acknowledge that the Oscars are bullshit and we hate them. But they are important commercially… I’ve learned to never underestimate the academy’s bad taste. Crash as best picture? What the fuck.

Jezebel is a site for and by women, so the interview mostly sticks to topics related to females in film. Dargis is not a “feminist”-critic in any sense, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a lot of opinions about such things. Her point about “boy geniuses” like Wes Anderson getting anything they want despite bomb after bomb is well-taken… when’s the last time a female director has been bandied about as a genius?

Kathryn Bigelow is Dargis-Approved

If you have some time, and don’t mind aggressive swearing, check out the article at Jezebel.

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3 Free Andy Dick DVDs

We got 3 free DVDs (region code 1) of Andy Dick’sDanny Roane: First Time Director” and don’t want to keep them just to ourselves. So we’re giving them away to our users… this is the kind of film nobody should make money on. We’ll ship it for free to the first 3 users who leave a comment here expressing interest. Please be willing to write a review about it (which will be published on the blog) and make sure to leave your Criticker user name in the comment.


Here are my 2 cents:

Why does Andy Dick even bother with a mockumentary? Danny’s story seems to be 95% based on Andy’s real life, and a straight-up documentary would be a lot more interesting:

Does Andy really need this movie to come clean with his past? Is it OK to laugh about your excessive alcohol consumption, if you do it behind the winking “hilarity” of a mockumentary?I don’t think so!

The movie actually had more laughs (2) than I was expecting (0), but the last 30 minutes are almost not worth watching.

Link: Andy Dick’s oficial site

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The Cast of Star Trek X1

Lost creator J.J. Abrams will co-write, produce and direct the eleventh Star Trek film [imdb], set for release in 2008. He has also just finalised the cast. This new film is a prequel and covers the story of the Star Fleet Academy cadets boarding the Enterprise for the first time. There are also rumours that William Shatner is miffed that he missed out on a major part and has reportedly said “I can’t imagine why I would do a cameo


James T. Kirk William Shatner/Chris Pine (Smokin’ Aces)


Spock Leonard Nimoy/Zachary Quinto (Heroes)


Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy DeForest Kelley/Karl Urban (LOTR, The Bourne Supremacy, and he is a hunky kiwi)


Montgomery “Scotty” Scott James Doohan/Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz)


Hikaru Sulu George Takei/John Cho (Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle)


Uhura Nichelle Nichols/Zoe Saldana (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Avatar)


Pavel Chekov — Walter Koenig/Anton Yelchin (Huff)

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The True Origin of Harry Potter

Last night, I was watching “Troll“, a movie from 1986:

troll movie

And, to my surprise, I realized that two of the main characters are named “Harry Potter”.

harry potter Junior

Harry Potter Jr. (above) aka Atreyu from “The Neverending Story“, is played by Noah Hathaway.

Troll is much older J. K. Rowling’s somewhat more-famous creation. Is there a relation? Is the entire Harry Potter series actually an homage to her favorite film? Can it be mere coincidence, or is the insidious Black Magik of the Troll somehow at play? If you have any input, feel free to post a comment. I am eager to find out more… and kind of afraid.


There are so few opportunities to watch Julie Louis-Dreyfus run around wearing ivy (And only ivy.) that you have to take notice of this film. When the Potters move into a new apartment they never dream what will happen next, their daughter Wendy is soon replaced by a malevolent troll! The capricious creature enjoys confusing Harry or Anne with strange antics, almost to the point of neglecting it’s true goal. Slowly and surely it uses a magical ring to turn the other apartments into magical forests, each one populated by the transformed inhabitants. Harry Jr. takes pains to avoid his sister, mainly since she is beating him up, (Really not good for the budding male psyche – getting thrown around by your little sister.) so he befriends Eunice. She gives him a magical spear to defeat the Troll’s minions, good thing since she fares poorly against them. In a bizarre twist ending the Troll foils his own plans, plunging the magical spear into the guardian beast to save Wendy’s life. There is even one more twist ending involving a police officer and the laundry room, but we won’t go into that

Image/Plot Source: Star Pulse / Bad Movies

Star Wars ASCIImation


Star Wars as ASCII Animation.


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Tintin – The Movie

tin tin 3D movie

I was never the biggest fan of the comics but, with this team, I’m very excited for the movies.

Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are teaming to direct and produce three back-to-back features based on Georges Remi’s beloved Belgian comic-strip hero Tintin for DreamWorks. Pics will be produced in full digital 3-D using performance capture technology.

The two filmmakers will each direct at least one of the movies; studio wouldn’t say which director would helm the third. Kathleen Kennedy joins Spielberg and Jackson as a producer on the three films, which might be released through DreamWorks Animation.

Source: Variety

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