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15 Great Movie Trailer Re-Cuts


The guys at Ranker.com have collected 15 of the greatest movie trailer re-cuts on the web. A lot of them you might know… The Dark Knight re-imagined as an 80s-style dramedy, how Wes Anderson might have done Saving Private Ryan… but each one is worth a look. The creativity and talent of people surprises me every day.

“Scary Mary” Poppins is my favorite. I always found that movie kind of creepy anyway.

Watch Full Canadian Movies at NFB.ca

The National Film Board of Canada has recently made a number of Canadian films available for free, high-quality online viewing. The repertoire includes documentaries, shorts and full-length dramas.

Not many of the films available for viewing are in Criticker’s library (yet), but that’s no reason not to check out the works which are there. Carts of Darkness, for example, is an excellent full-length documentary about homeless men who’ve created their own extreme sport to pass the time.

Carts of Darkness, Murray Siple

With hundreds of films available, a trip to NFB.ca could easily absorb an entire afternoon. So be careful… and if you do check it out, make sure to share any discovered treasures with the Criticker Community!

Website: http://www.nfb.ca/

Fantastic Film Fest Online

Thanks to forum user whatismyname for alerting everyone to the fact that the Fantastic Film Festival is streaming 10 films for free on their website. There will be 5 feature-length and 5 short films available for viewing, from September 14th – 20th, via BSide Network. You have to register for a free account with BSide.

French Short Cam2Cam

The Fantastic Fest is staged in Austin, Texas, and:

is an eight day festival of the best new Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy and genre films, as well as choice classic and obscure cult titles from all over the world.

It looks like there are some great films which will be available online, so make sure to get an account and let us know which ones you like the best!

Fantastic Film Fest Online

One Person Film Project

Just seeing that guy going down this snowy hill with all his equipment deserves a mention on Criticker Blog. I’m very excited to see the result.

From his site:

I am making a feature film – entirely on my own – and my girlfriend is filming me doing it. Witness the struggle, the setbacks, the highs and lows as I fight the odds; and see the process of filmmaking like never before! Please help me – It is very hard to get your film seen without famous celebrities, but if I can show that there are already people interested in what I am doing – then I may stand a chance!

Link: The Lone Filmmaker

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Apple iTunesshow?id=zgmC70XXLTQ&bids=78941

Trailers from Hell


Sometimes a trailer can be more fun than the movie itself. Trailers from hell has a nice and growing collection of old horror movie trailers with commentaries. For example:


Link: Trailers from Hell

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The DNA of Movies

Guess what movie this is:


It’s every second of Vertigo. Interesting how the director’s style comes through in this format, almost as much as on film.

This explores the idea of distilling a whole film down to one single image. Using eight of my favourite films from eight of my most admired directors including Sidney Lumet, Francis Ford Coppola and John Boorman, each film is processed through a Java program written with the processing environment. This small piece of software samples a movie every second and generates an 8 x 6 pixel image of the frame at that moment in time. It does this for the entire film, with each row representing one minute of film time.

Link: Movie DNA

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The Scooba Floor-Washing Robotic Vacuum