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Choke: Red Band Trailer

… tee-hee … Hey, wanna see something dirty?

Of course you do, you naughty monkey! Check out the trailer for the new film Choke, due in cinemas XXX. But please, not if you’re a child or a prude.

What would Jesus not do?

Choke, which opens on September 26th, stars the always entertaining Sam Rockwell and is based on a story by Chuck Palahniuk — the writer of Fight Club. It’s gotten great advance reviews, and won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance. Plus: it has a sweet soundtrack. We can’t wait!

Sukiyaki Western Django: Trailer

Sukiyaki Western Django, the new(-ish) film from Japan’s Takashi Miike, is kind of highly stylized genre homage that Quentin Tarantino usually plays a part in creating.

What? Oh… Tarantino did play a part in creating this. He stars as Ringo. Crafty stunt casting, Miike. If you weren’t an established auteur, such a move might be annoying… but we’ll give you a pass this time.

This film has been out for awhile, but is finally making its debut in American theaters on August 29th. It’s gotten mostly positive, but mixed reviews from Criticker’s user base.

Burn After Reading – Advance Trailer

Burn After Reading Poster
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Burn After Reading is shaping up to be the discerning film fan’s favorite film of 2008. The Coen Brothers directing Brad Pitt and George Clooney in a wacky crime caper… and let’s throw in Tilda Swinton, John Malkovich and Frances McDormand. It’s as though the Cohens are ticking off a list titled “How to Excite Movie Buffs”.

A dark spy-comedy from Academy Award winners Joel and Ethan Coen. An ousted CIA official’s memoir accidentally falls into the hands of two unwise gym employees intent on exploiting their find.

Color me skeptical. The Coens’ films often leave me cold, especially when they dip into comedy. It’s almost as though they’re too smart to really pull it off… But, this trailer is pretty good. We’ll see.

The film is due out in September, so we haven’t yet added it to Criticker.

Official Film Website


Wanted: Extended Trailer

Wanted concerns a secret society of assassins — perhaps not the most original of ideas, but our ears perked up when we discovered that it was directed by Timur Bekmambetov, the Russian creator of the uneven but compelling Night Watch.


And our eyes perked up after seeing that Wanted stars one of Hollywood’s sexiest actors: James McAvoy (Atonement, Last King of Scotland)

… alright fine, Angelina Jolie… it stars two of Hollywood’s sexiest actors. Sheesh, you’re touchy when it comes to your sexiness.

Anyway, our hopes are high that Wanted will mark an improvement over Ms. Jolie’s last assassin-themed film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Here’s an exciting 7-minute clip from the film (out later this month), which suggests that it will:

Update: The extended trailer has been taken down due to copyright issues! Oh no… well, here’s a shorter version:

[Via Empire]
Wanted Official Site

Leaked: Batman, The Dark Knight Trailer

"This put a smile on our face. Can’t wait!"

[via: attu / popoholic]

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Greatest Horror Movie Preview

The best trailer I’ve seen in a long time doesn’t show even a second of the film it’s promoting. Watch the audience scream in terror at this film, and tell me you aren’t dying to see it yourself — even without knowing anything about it.

[rec] a Spanish horror film that has been winning awards and breaking box-office records in that country.

Here a comment from OhLALA Paris:

Scary as hell, you leave the theatre breathless, almost with a sense of terror that follows you for days, and it’s final 25 minutes were THE WORST TIME I HAD ON A THEATRE EVER.

Wonder what the audience saw? Here an other trailer of [rec]:

[via: OhLALA Paris]

Live Free or Die Hard

Rated R: The Strangers Preview

I am totally covered in goose bumps. And yes, that’s Liv Tyler.

[via: filmdrunk / coming soon]