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Famous Actress Nude in Tub

That got your attention, didn’t it? And guess what… it’s not a lie. A famous, Oscar-nominated actress just posed nude in the tub for New York Magazine. Yeah, buddy. Nipple.

Don’t let the fact that the actress is 65 year-old Helen Mirren stop you from clicking. She looks good for a 65 year-old! If I look that good at 65, I’ll be getting my kit off all over the place! Bathtubs, bedrooms, playgrounds, don’t matter.

Here’s the photo series. You know you’re going to click it, so just go ahead.

[New York Magazine]

The Insane Defense of Roman Polanski

We love Roman Polanski’s work as much as the next guy, but didn’t realize that being a great filmmaker morally exonerates your having drugged and raped a 13 year-old. And then plead guilty to it. And then fled the country because you were afraid of jail.

But people are falling out of the woodworks to claim just that. Hollywood types like Whoopi Goldberg, who argues that drugging and sodomizing a child wasn’t exactly, like, “rape-rape”. Even the usually sober scholar Anne Applebaum calls Polanski’s arrest “outrageous“.

But the best defense of Polanski we’ve read is at the (humor) site HolyTaco.com. Money Quote:

Anyway, while they were taking pictures, he fed the girl champagne, quaaludes, and some kind of sedative, because that’s the kind of guy he is; he’s a gentleman. He’s gonna get you nice and numb before he rapes and sodomizes you against your will. Good move, Romie. The girl was apparently telling Roman things like “No” and “Stop” the whole time, but because she was so shitfaced from being force-fed drugs and alcohol, it probably came out more like “Numflkdggh” and “Stlmpfghh”, so it’s really not Roman’s fault for not picking up on the cues.

Hmm. True. That’s almost enough to make us reconsider!

I may not be a great filmmaker… but I do help run a decently popular website! So while child-rape is probably out of the question, I wonder what Whoopie would let me get away with? I’ll start with spitting on a 6 year-old and see how that goes.

Ideas for Halloween 2009

DIY Zombie Movie


I’m sorry if you are busy at work or have to pick up the children from school but once you start making decisions on your very own zombie movie, that’s it for the day. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Rated R Link: DIY Zombie Movie – The Outbreak

[via: Ehrensenf]

Halloween Inspirations 2008


Choke: Red Band Trailer

… tee-hee … Hey, wanna see something dirty?

Of course you do, you naughty monkey! Check out the trailer for the new film Choke, due in cinemas XXX. But please, not if you’re a child or a prude.

What would Jesus not do?

Choke, which opens on September 26th, stars the always entertaining Sam Rockwell and is based on a story by Chuck Palahniuk — the writer of Fight Club. It’s gotten great advance reviews, and won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance. Plus: it has a sweet soundtrack. We can’t wait!