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Merchandise: The Eye of Sauron – Chewbacca Slippers – Kermit the Frog

The Eye of Sauron

eye of Sauron

Disembodied when the One Ring was cut from his hand at the Battle of the Last Alliance in the Second Age, the Dark Lord Sauron became a shadowy echo of his former self. Formless and terrifying, he returned to his rebuilt tower of Baraddur and from there began to muster his strength to begin the long search for the only thing that might restore his form and power, the lost One Ring. Now no more than a terrible will, Sauron appeared as a great Eye, lidless and slitted, wreathed in flame. Against his piercing gaze none could stand.
Link: The Eye of Sauron

Chewbacca Slippers

chewbacca slippers
The first thing you’ll notice when you slip your feet into these slippers is how soft and comfortable they are – like slipping into a freshly slaughtered Tauntaun (but without the smell). But really, these Chewbacca Slippers are just what every Jedi needs to keep his or her Jedi toes warm on a chilly day. And if you are really sick, you can always pretend you’ve hunted and stuffed Ewoks and are using them for slippers. ‘Cause everyone knows they should have been Wookiees, too. Chewie rules!
More info: Chewbacca Slippers

Muppets Steiff Kermit the Frog

kermit the frog plush
It’s hard to believe that Kermit made his television debut more than 50 years ago, in 1955. And it’s thrilling that the time has finally come for this famous frog to receive the full Steiff treatment, joining the long lineup of famous characters from television, films, and books. For the first time ever, this 13-inch tall Special Edition Kermit the Frog Plush is made of genuine German mohair, specially dyed to the precise shade of green that makes him recognizable the world over. Isn’t it time to add an international superstar of films like The Great Muppet Caper and the classic television program The Muppet Show to your collection? Book Kermit for an appearance at your house! Limited edition of 1,500 pieces.
Link: Muppets Steiff Kermit the Frog

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Merchandise: Star Wars Cell Phone Alert – Animated Musical Star Trek Lamp – Indiana Jones Room Booby Traps

Star Wars Cell Phone Alert

star wars Phone Alarm

Hang your Vader or Stormtrooper charm on your jacket, computer bag, navel ring, etc., and whenever you get a call on your cell, it will spin around and the little lights near its base will flash. You can leave your phone on silent, tucked in your pocket, and pretend to be paying rapt attention to your boss as he drones on about this new technology they call Twitter and how your business is going to harness the power of social media. When Vader spins, you make a quick exit, feigning a potty emergency, and rush to safety to answer that important phone call from the Emperor.

More info: Star Wars Cell Phone Alert

Animated Musical Star Trek Lamp


This is the lamp that plays the iconic Star Trek theme song, including the entirety of the famous prologue: "Space… the final frontier…" spoken by William Shatner. As the music plays, an 8" die-cast replica of the Starship Enterprise rotates on the the base of the lamp. The Starship Enterprise has authentic details like Bussard intake collectors and a sensor array platform that are illuminated by four color-changing LEDs.

Buy it here: Animated Musical Star Trek Lamp

Indiana Jones Room Booby Traps

indiana jones trap

The Indiana Jones Room Booby Trap Set includes a dart launching idol, a spider dropping idol, and an educational field notebook to help you learn the science of gears and levers. No batteries required!

More info: Indiana Jones Room Booby Traps

Merchandise: Terminator Fuel Cell Lighter – Stark Heart – Star Trek Wall Decals

Terminator Fuel Cell Lighter

terminator lighter

Celebrate your love for humanity’s extinction by getting one of these Terminator Fuel Cell Lighters. Made of die-cast, chrome plated metal, these lighters look just as fresh as the day the fuel cells they are replicas of were installed into the T-800 series of Terminators. These lighters are a wicked bit of movie memorabilia, and hey, they make fire too!

More info: Terminator Fuel Cell Lighter

Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart

stark heart

Perhaps the most iconic prop from the smash-hit movie Iron Man, no expense was spared in replicating the details exactly. From the machined metal parts and copper wire to the high-intensity LEDs, you’ll own the definitive prop from this storied franchise and Marvel hero.

Based directly on the actual movie prop and with reference from Stan Winston Studios, the Arc Unit measures about 4 1/2-inches in diameter and is made from machined aluminum, stainless steel, and custom-molded plastic. It’s removable from the stand and includes a Plexiglas display case and full-color certificate of authenticity.

Link: Stark Heart

Star Trek Wall Decals

start trek wall decoration

Captains Log – Stardate two…four…[pause dramatically]… sevensixpointfive…Something strange is happening to my ship. I can’t be sure, but it appears some alien intelligence has duplicated the bridge of the Enterprise in near perfect detail.

More info: Star Trek Wall Decals

Merchandise: Star Wars Dagobah Frog Habitat – Wolverine Mask – Donny Darko Mask

Star Wars Dagobah Frog Habitat

star Wars frog habitat

This exciting replica of Yoda’s home planet is the perfect place to watch the metamorphosis of tadpoles transforming into frogs! Learn why frogs play an important role in the eco-system while enjoying the Dagobah swamp theme. Easy to clean habitat with fun and informative learning guide includes mail-in coupon for live tadpoles.

More info: Star Wars Frog Habitat

X-Men Wolverine Jacket Replica

x men jacket

It’s Wolverine, baby! This Wolverine Replica Jacket and dog tag were extensively researched and produced using only the finest authentic materials as worn in X-Men, the first movie of the blockbuster trilogy. The only jacket replicating all the details and approved by both Marvel and 20th Century Fox, it’s fully lined and made of genuine heavy-grade leather with leather accents, distressed by hand to reflect the many adventures Logan has been through.

Check it out here: X-Men Wolverine Jacket Replica

Donny Darko Mask

Donny Darko Mask 

Halloween is right around the corner. Dressing up as Donnie Darko won’t be a problem with this creepy mask.

Link: Donny Darko Mask

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Merchandise: Terminator Factory – Star Trek Bottle Opener – Harry Potter Film Cels

Terminator Factory

terminator factory

There’s just something unsettling about seeing rows upon rows of Terminator cyborgs being assembled.
True to 1:6th scale, this T-700 assembly line diorama features light-up eyes and button on the manufacturing machine. Base has the Terminator Salvation logo.

More info: Terminator Factory Sculpture

Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

star wars bottle opener

Next time, have one of these on hand. Handy and stunning, these chromed-out beauties do quick-work on bottles while still screaming Federation. They feel heavy in your hands, like a good phaser, so if diplomatic relations fail you, you can always chuck ’em at your hosts’ heads as a weapon.

Buy here: Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

Harry Potter Film Cells

harry potter film cells

One of the most popular series ever to hit the movie screen! Montage features collection of actual 35mm film cells and mini-posters from all 6 theatrical releases. Each cell is one-of-a-kind, cut from real film and may vary from those shown. Double matted and attractively framed for display in your home or office, it includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Limited edition of 2500.

More info: Harry Potter Film Cells

Awesome Star Wars Merchandise

The Star Wars movie franchise might have finished years ago, but the brand is still going strong, as evidenced by a couple of items of very neat and exclusive merchandise.

The Old Republic Men’s Sith Lord T-Shirt

sith shirt

Comes with no blinky lights but with super realistic 3D print.

More info: The Old Republic Men’s Sith Lord T-Shirt

Death Star Cookie Jar


Probably the coolest looking cookie jar in this galaxy and bejond.

More info: Star Wars Cookie Jar

Star Wars Force Trainer

star wars mind trainer

"Use the Force Luke…"  No seriously, use it!  The Star Wars Brain Training Game will allow you to move a Jedi Training Remote ball up and down the Training Tower…with the power of your mind!  The innovative wireless headset can actually read and interpret your brainwaves.

The deeper your concentration and focus, the greater your mind power!  This amazing Jedi mind trainer will help you develop your powers of concentration and determination.  With exclusive sound effects and Yoda training dialogue, you will move from Padawan to the highest rank of Jedi Master if you practise your mind powers hard.

More info: Star Wars Force Trainer

Merchandise: Star Wars Bookends – Bumblebee Helmet – Batman PEZ

Star Wars Trash Bookends


The valiant rescue of Princess Leia takes a turn for the worse when our heroes evade on-rushing Stormtroopers by jumping down a garbage shoot. The situation turns grim when the Dianoga Garbage Squid Shows up and the Garbage Compactor’s walls begin to close in! Cast in high quality poly stone then hand painted to exacting standards. Each is then numbered and comes complete with matching certificate of authenticity and is a limited edition. Measuring 7 1/2-inches tall x 12-inches wide x 6-inches long, these bookends are well suited for DVDs, books and graphic novels.

More info: Star Wars Trash Bookends

Transformers Bumblebee Voice Helmet

bumbelbee 2 helmet voice

Become the street-smart, frontline autobot warrior! Use your wits and power to battle the deceptions and protect Earth from their evil. When you’ve got the power of Bumblebee, nothing can stand in your way! Suit up just like the Bumblebee character and prepare to save the universe with your amazing voice-mixer helmet! With three different modes and awesome electronic features on this detailed helmet, you’ll look like the TRANSFORMERS Movie hero, and you’ll even sound like him, too! Switch on voice mixer mode to have your voice remixed with six different music styles. The helmet also plays realistic conversion sounds of the Bumblebee character changing from a car to a robot and back again, or his movie battle phrases including, Bumblebee to the rescue! “Your Missions” Protect the world from evil and several more! Easy-to-adjust straps help you get a comfortable fit.

More info: Transformers Bumblebee Voice Helmet

Batman™ PEZ® Set

batman Pez

Collectible set of 4 Gotham Cityâ„¢ PEZ® dispensers featuring a limited edition Batmanâ„¢ with custom chest logo, and three arch enemies–Joker, The Riddler, and Two-face! Includes 6 rolls of candy!

More info: Batman™ PEZ® Set