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Lastminute Auction Bargains on Criticker

Some of you have already discovered a new feature under the Resources menu called “Lastminute Bargains“. This is utility which shows off Movie and Entertainment related auctions at Ebay which are still $1 or less, and have less than one hour to go. In other words — a last-minute bargain bin!

You might not be familiar with Lastminute-Auction.com — a site run by the same people who bring you Criticker. Lastminute actually is a lot older than Criticker, and already has a huge user base who have been using it to find incredible deals at Ebay for years.

Sure, most of the auctions which show up are junk, but there are definitely some treasures to be had. If you have a second, and enjoy browsing bargain bins, why not go check it out?

Merchandise: Vader Saver – Star Trek Spork – DIY Zombie Dessert

Vader Saver
darth vader piggy bank

Just cram your change into a slot in Vader’s bank and your coins will be protected by Vader’s saber and intimidating stare. Give the plug on the bottom (of the bank, not Vader’s bottom) a twist and out pours the cash so you can build your own Death Star. The Darth Vader Bust Bank is the coolest bank in any galaxy.

More info: Vader Saver

Star Trek Starfleet Academy Titanium Spork
star trek spork

Seriously, folks, the Star Trek Starfleet Academy Titanium Spork is just about the coolest Star Trek collectible ever, because it is fully functional. Just like the one Kirk used while a student (perhaps even while planning to cheat at the Kobayashi Maru scenario), these are laser engraved with the Starfleet emblem and other stuff which we’ll tell you about soon. And remember, we know how important it is for you to hold a replica of Spock’s Student Spork at the premier of the new movie!

More info: Star Trek Starfleet Academy Titanium Spork

Crawling Zombie Torso Gelatin Mold
zombie mold

For you know this zombie is only gelatin, because this was just a training exercise and you made the zombie yourself with your Crawling Zombie Torso Gelatin Mold. In just a few hours, and with childlike ease, you can make another Gelatin Zombie Torso any time you want. They are great for holiday parties, retirement parties, children’s birthday parties, and even just for friendly get-togethers. Because nothing says "Let’s have some calm relaxing fun" or "Happy 90th Birthday Grandma – you’ll look like this soon" like a Zombie Gelatin Delight made in your very own Crawling Zombie Torso Gelatin Mold. It’s delish!
More info: Crawling Zombie Torso Gelatin Mold

Merchandise: Watchmen Mask – Spiderman Book Light – Twilight Board Game

The Watchmen Rorschach Beanie Mask

watchmen mask

Officially licensed Watchmen beanie mask. Wear as part of a Rorschach costume, to keep warm during the winter, or to just hide that ugly mug of yours.

More info: Watchmen Rorschach Mask

Spiderman Book Light

Spider man book light

Great for reading in the dark or just to have a little extra light. Spiderman is made of rubber and features a flexible gooseneck that wraps.

More info: Spiderman Book Light

Twilight Board Game


Enter the world of Twilight the game! The more you know about Twilight, the greater your chance of winning. Answer questions about Twilight, and about your friends to earn Scene cards and move forward around the board. If you are the first to travel the entire board and collect all 8 Scene cards….you win!

More info: Twilight Board Game

WB’s Red2Blu Program — Trade-In your HD-DVDs

The High-Definition format war is over, and the bad guys won. Everyone with a soul had been pulling for the cheaper (and arguably better) HD-DVD format to become the standard, but the world isn’t a fair place. Like Francisco Franco after the Spanish Civil War, Sony’s BluRay now rules with an iron hand and probably will for a very long time.

Join them. Warner Brothers had just announced a new program called Red2Blu, which will help you trade in some of your HD-DVDs for their shiny and evil BluRay equivalents.

Of course, it’s not free — $4.95 per film and $6.95 shipping & handling. But it’s a lot better than buying them all over at the full price, and the shipping cost is flat. So, the more Warner Bros. HD-DVDs you have, the more attractive the offer becomes. Plus, you just have to send in the disc cover, so you get to keep your original DVDs.

Here’s hoping other studios follow WB’s lead.

Red2Blu Official Site
[via Slashfilm]

Apple iTunes

Shall We Give Dan Brown One More Shot?

What do you say, everyone… should we bother to get excited about the second big-budget Dan Brown adaptation? After watching the trailer for Angels & Demons, the follow-up to The Da Vinci Code, I’m inclined to.

The Da Vinci Code was heart-breakingly underwhelming. Here was a book which was, we believe, literally written with the intention of being an awesome movie. Ancient religious cover-ups, a murderous albino monk (for Christ’s sake!), a high-octane race to some of the world’s coolest places, and opening with that murder in the Lourve? It’s shocking that the movie was so lame. Inconceivable.

Trailers can be deceiving, but Angels & Demons does look like a step up. What do you all think?

Angels & Demons is going to be...

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Apparently, the Vatican plans on banning the film. That wins it at least a few points from our camp! By taking the premise serious enough to even acknowledge, isn’t the church doing itself unwarranted damage?

Angels & Demons hits theaters on May 15th.

Merchandise: Monsters vs Aliens Figure – Superman Bathrobe – I Drink Your Milkshake Shirt

Monsters vs Aliens Bob Figure

monsters vs aliens slime

Monster vs aliens action figures, b.o.b. is a 6” figure from dreamworks hit movie, monster vs aliens. B.O.B. Can be stretched and pulled. His bottom slot allows him to absorb objects. Includes b.o.b. slime food.

More info: Monsters vs Aliens 6" Bob Figure

Superman Bathrobe


What better way to relax than by taking off your super suit and kicking back in a nice new luxury bathrobe! Perfect for anyone, even if you’re not a fully fledged super hero. You’ve still got the flowing effect of the Superman cape, so you can leap around your living room as if you were soaring through the air, but then when you get a little bit tired you can just snuggle up and sleep where you fall.

More info: Superman Bathrobe

I Drink Your Milkshake Shirt

drink your milkshake

Tell the world that you intend to bash their heads in by wearing this awesome T-shirt inspired by the instant classic "There Will Be Blood". Hilarious, strange and threatening all at the same time… just like you!

Buy it here: I Drink Your Milkshake Shirt

Watchmen Doomsday Clock

watchmen doomsday clock 

Real wooden wall clock looks just like the Doomsday Clock from Watchmen. Fortunately, midnight on this clock doesn’t necessarily predict nuclear armageddon.

Buy it here: Watchmen Doomsday Clock

Clue Alfred Hitchcock Edition


This new spine-tingling version of America’s "whodunit" boardgame Clue honor’s Alfred Hitchcock on his 100th birthday and the 50th anniversary of Clue’s debut. Experience the bone chilling shower scene from Psycho and much more.

More info: Clue Alfred Hitchcock Edition

Merchandise: Indiana Jones Piggy Bank – John Wayne Cookie Jar – Dark Knight Cowl

Here’s our periodic update of cool movie-related merchandise we’ve found while surfing the web. I think I’d be scared to take a cookie from John Wayne!

Indiana Jones Piggy Bank

indian jones piggy bank

You’ve bypassed the spikes and the darts and the jungle and the snakes and finally you are staring, face to face, with the Golden Idol. Once thought to be lost, the sole surviving statue is really an ancient Chachapoyan goddess of fertility. And one thing is certain: it belongs in a museum. You heft your bag of sand and contemplate the weight of the idol, but it could all boil down to the weight of a few pennies. Why? Because this Golden Idol is a BANK!

Info: Indiana Jones Piggy Bank

Japanese WALL-E Mini Figure Set

wall e toy

You and I love WALL-E because of its cool animation, apocalyptic future and cute robots. This pretty much sums up the plot of most Japanese Anime… and no surprise, WALL-E is just as hot in Japan where cute autonomous trash cleaning robots are the norm. Now you can collect this fine WALL-E mini figure set imported from Japan. It’s WALL-E, Eve and all his robot pals from the movie in itty-bitty-form on a snap together base. Yep you get the full set of figures you see in the image, which would normally comprise five vending machine capsules. So rather than forcing you to stand on a street corner in Tokyo pumping 100 yen coins into a capsule toy machine hoping for the "perfect" WALL-E figure set we’ve done all the dirty work for you.

Link: Japanese WALL-E Mini Figure Set

John Wayne Cookie Jar

john wayne cookie jar

The Duke played against type in his Oscar-winning role as the drunken (John Wayne), mean, one-eyed pot-bellied U.S. Marshall, but we loved him anyway! This handpainted fan favorite is sure to secure a place of honor among your most cherished collectibles.

More info: John Wayne Cookie Jar

Stitch TV


This 20-inch panel has a full-size Stitch climbing over its back, complete with a moveable jaw that conceals the onboard controls. For a hefty 100,000 yen ($1,015), this Japanese concoction will deliver a monitorish 1,680×1,050 resolution, HDMI input, and B-CAS Japan digital TV broadcast support.

More info: Stitch TV [via: Cnet]

The Dark Knight Cowl

Batman owl mask

Impressive, full size display Dark Knight cowl replica. Measures 21" Tall. Pedestal display Included.

Link: The Dark Knight Cowl