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Wide Screen VS Full Screen

I hate it when people knowingly watch films in the wrong format on TV. They’ll happily put up with stretched out or cropped images, justifying that they “don’t like them black bars! Fill up mah screen, durnit!”

And an unrelated thought… Why aren’t more films being shot on IMAX like the Dark Knight?

[via: slashfilm & Kottke] Thank you Classic Fun for the tip.

Arrested Development – The Movie

If you’re a fan of the show, there’s no doubt you’ve heard the rumors by now that Arrested Development is making its way to the big screen in 2009. That restores my faith in the goodness of humanity, which suffered a severe blow when the show, the funniest on TV, was canceled a few years back.

Will it translate well to the big screen? Arrested Development was perfectly suited to the half-hour sitcom format. So much plot and hilarity was packed into every episode, but can the writers keep it up (coherently) for the length of a film? It’s a problem which the makers of The Simpsons Movie & Aqua Teen Hunger Force both faced, and arguably failed.

But there are so many possibilities! For example, it would be a crying shame if the movie doesn’t take advantage of an R rating for the ultimate Never Nude scene. Including Never Nude, the writers at TV Squad have compiled a list of 27(ish) things which they think must be in the film.

Steve Holt!

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Hulu Beta Invites



Watch your favorite TV shows like The Simpsons or Scrubs on Hulu for free. Hulu is a new streaming video site, still under beta and inaccessible without an invite. If you’re not located in the US, don’t get too excited – Hulu only streams to users from the United States. Which sucks for Criticker headquarters. I guess I should just go and look at some more rainbows.

Good thing, Criticker knows where to find those invites. Hurry though – only 1800 are available.

Link: Hulu Beta Invites

[via: techcrunch]

Helpful Link: How to Survive a Horror Movie

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Download TV Theme Songs


Slackerup has collected a nice collection of TV Show Theme song. With a right-click you can even download them onto your desktop… so you can rock out to “Knight Rider” all day long.

Link: Slackerup

[via: j-walk]