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Criticker: Now Accepting Television Series

“How can you justify adding 30-second shorts from 1902 to your database, but not Breaking Bad? What sense does that make?”

That has long been a question which users have put to us… and our answer has always been to squirm uncomfortably, and then suddenly point at something really exciting going on behind them, and slip away.

The truth is, there is no good justification, besides how it complicates things. But we’ve decided that we’ll just have to accept the extra work. Because, really, we need to have Breaking Bad on our site.

If you go to the form used to submit films, you’ll see a new field. This is “Type”, where you’ll choose whether you’re adding a new film, new TV Series, Mini-Series, Short, etc. Please fill this field out accurately, as it will greatly help our moderators during the approval process. Please note that we are not yet accepting individual episodes or seasons… just the series themselves.

We kind of rushed this change out, so expect to find some errors and deficiencies. Please send any issues you discover to support@criticker.com, or make a note of them in the forum. And thanks again for your patience — we’re fully aware how long some of you have been waiting for this.

Updates: TCI, PSI and Filmmaker List Pages

We’re continuing to revamp Criticker, and in the past week introduced stylistic changes to three more pages. The TCI List, the PSI List and the Filmmaker List pages.

We hope you like the new changes! Stay tuned, because there are more coming soon…

Revamped Kumpel Page

The Kumpel Page has long been one of the most glaring eyesores of Criticker — subject to ridicule, hatred and revulsion. And that was just from us, the guys who designed it in the first place!

In our recent continuing effort to revitalize Criticker’s look, we’ve given the Kumpel Page a facelift. All the functionality is still there, it’s just been re-organized and brought more inline with the way the rest of the site looks. You can still see your Kumpel’s latest reviews, still get recommendations from your Kumpels, and generate “Joint PSIs” of films neither you nor a particular Kumpel has seen.

“And what in the world,” some of you may be asking, “is a Kumpel?” Kumpel (pronounced koom-pel) is German for “buddy” or “pal”. We’re a half-German team here, so at Criticker, you’ll never have “friends” or “buddies”. You’ll have kumpels. Grab some Bratwurst with them, and go see a movie!

Go check it out!

A New Look for Starred Reviews

As most of you have noticed, we’ve been introducing new style changes to Criticker for the past few months. The latest section to get the treatment is Starred Reviews.

We think it’s a massive improvement, but we’ll let you be the judge:



The functionality hasn’t changed (much), but the look is completely new. What do you think?

Criticker’s Twenty Best Films of 2014: #1-10

Here they are: the ten best films of the year, as chosen by the Criticker community. There’s a little of everything in this list… animation, documentary, suspense and comedy, but 2014 seemed to mostly be a year of excellent drama. Did your favorite films make the cut? Take a look at the list, and leave a comment with your opinions!

10. Jodorowsky’s Dune – 7.7025 Average Tier

“Artist/directors such as Jodorowsky straddle the cliched boundary between madness and genius. The fact a film of such creative importance was never made but the ideas were fragmented into hundreds of other films, comics, and books is an interesting concept. Jodorowsky is a man that views the world in a dream state. His Dune reflects that intensity and vision. It’s not surrealism done for surrealism’s sake but an abstraction of our world in the pursuit of exploring and creating realities.” – CinemaAsia

9. Life Itself – 7.7045 Average Tier

“overing the entire life of a man as prolific and popular as Roger Ebert is dangerous territory for a documentary, but Life Itself manages to capture the bigger picture while remaining focused on all the smaller moments that make everyone human. You couldn’t ask for a much better film about someone who devoted his life to the movies.” – doughbaron

8. The Grand Budapest Hotel – 7.8302 Average Tier

“This may be Wes Anderson’s best piece of work to date! The Grand Budapest Hotel, as sometimes mean-spirited as it tries to be sometimes, manages to balance out pure watchability with it’s impressive acting, great writing, really good directing, and all of the fake mustaches. Good production (as usual) anda weird, good feel. My favorite part? Probably the music. I personally liked Willem Dafoe’s character but they are all good. Worth the watch for sure!!!” – Leonardis

7. Force Majeure – 7.9247 Average Tier

“This is a film about expectations, disappointment and openness. It is a wonderful look at a family’s struggle with trust following what could have been a tragic event for them all. It explores the Scandinavian tendency to look the other way when something isn’t right. When we do so, a sense of mistrust can develop. When there is mistrust, there is worry. When there is worry, there is tension. If you build up enough tension, there will be a breaking point, and finally a thunderous collapse.” – sputnik84

6. Nightcrawler – 7.9471 Average Tier

“This is an amazing movie, a mix of Taxi Driver, American Psycho, and Network. Gyllenhal portrays a completely fleshed-out sociopath, likely the best character of 2014. There are maybe only 5 other characters that have lines in the film, and they are also great too. Rene Russo, the mumbly assistant, and Paxton are all great. The cinematography is also extremely captivating and engrossing. There’s also a great car chase in this one, too.” – jspidah

5. Mommy – 7.9620 Average Tier

“One of the most vibrant dramas I’ve ever seen, pulling you into every exhilarating high and heartbreaking low through three astounding lead performances.” – CinematicESP

4. Birdman – 8.0000 Average Tier

“Poses the question: “What is artistic integrity, and how does it relate to actual integrity?” Turns out the answer is pretty fucking complicated, but watching Keaton and his wonderful supporting cast grapple with that issue implicitly and explicitly for two hours, all at an utterly breakneck pace, is enthralling, regardless of what conclusions one draws. Emmanuel Lubezki’s whirlwind cinematography proves again why he’s the best around: you will believe a camera can fly, if not a man.” – Alex Watkins

3. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya – 8.1270 Average Tier


2. Boyhood – 8.1677 Average Tier

“Linklater keeps being better at portraying and reminding us of the wonder of actual life (rather than the Hollywood versions) than any other American director. If the time span was just a gimmick it would still be interesting, but it coheres into something truly astonishing yet graceful.” – caffe

1. Whiplash – 8.4474 Average Tier

“By the end of the film, I was literally on the edge of my seat, jaw agape, marveling at what is one of the most visceral climaxes I’ve seen on screen in years.” – graveyardtan

Criticker’s Twenty Best Films of 2014: #11-20

It’s time for our annual countdown of the year’s best films, as chosen by the users of Criticker. Our methodology was simple: we looked at every film that’s eligible for the 2014 Academy Awards, and that had at least 50 rankings at Criticker. And then we let math do the rest.

Yesterday, we revealed the year’s ten worst films, and today, we’ll start counting down the best, starting at #20. 2014 was a great year for Hollywood; a large number of films in the first half of the top twenty were also among the biggest box-office smashes. How many of these have you seen?

20. We Are the Best! – 6.9756 Average Tier

“A spirited and intimately affecting take on early adolescence and female friendship. It embraces the raucous joyfulness of youth and steers clear of coming-of-age cliches. And yes, I hated P.E./gym class, too.” – RaymundLi

19. Edge of Tomorrow – 6.9964 Average Tier

“Edge of Tomorrow remarkably manages to rip off so many films and video games whilst feeling refreshingly original also. Obviously you can argue that theres plot holes, as with any film of this kind. But it’s smartly edited and it moves at such a rampant pace that you don’t have time to dissect or question the flaws. Cruise & Blunt carry the film well and it’s Cruise’s best Sci/Fi to date. Visually its spectacular and the action is some of the craziest and most exciting I’ve ever experienced.” – LookJabba

18. Guardians of the Galaxy – 7.0339 Average Tier

“Arguably Marvel’s best: a group of interplanetary misfits get caught up in the plans of a warlord (Lee Pace) who seeks a mysterious stone that will allow him to destroy whole planets with one blow. Hugely entertaining, funny, touching, well-acted (by a very strong cast; Dave Bautista is a particular revelation) and very well directed by James Gunn, who brings a dash of his own quirky humor to the table. Instant-classic soundtrack adds a lot; “We are Groot” brings tears to the eyes. Well, mine.” – xacviant

17. The Lego Movie – 7.1203 Average Tier

“A colorful, entertaining, and clever satire that boasts beautiful animation, a heartwarming and engaging story, and biting social commentary. It’s hilarious, inventive, and a lot of fun.” – Cro$by

16. The Raid 2 – 7.1576 Average Tier

“Holy shit, holy shit holy shit holyshit. Highly awesome, if you liked the first one you will adore this. If if you haven’t seen the first one and like action then go watch it. Then this. Now. Right now.” – Difontaine

15. The Lunchbox – 7.1788 Average Tier

“mmaculate debut movie from Ritesh Batra features the enigmatic Irrfan Khan as a loner approaching retirement age, Nimrat Kaur as a housewife who yearns for her husband’s love and Nawazuddin Siddiqui who feverishly run after Irrfan to impress him. The story is in Mumbai, India – where a lunchbox made by Nimrat goes to an unintended recipient, Irrfan. They start to talk in letters hidden in the lunchbox, opening their hearts. A story of love, sadness, melancholy confided in a steel lunchbox.” – DarkCloud

14. Finding Vivian Maier – 7.4464 Average Tier

“Keeps pulling the rug out from under your feet. One of the key quotes attributed to Maier is “I’m a spy here”, which is how she saw herself in a seemingly hostile world. It’s the perfect mystery – tangible as only docs can be – because it deals with the psyche of people, and thereby explains her art.” – schnofel

13. Gone Girl – 7.6527 Average Tier

“So tense that it literally gave me a panic attack in the theater. Packed with great performances, which isn’t even beginning to mention the job Rosamund Pike does with her role. Filled with an underlying line of irony, satire and dark-as-night humor. This one’s a thrill ride from beginning to end.” – jthusky

12. Leviathan – 7.6719 Average Tier

“Finally, a film by Zvyagintsev I can get fully on board with. Bringing his usual visual excellence to bear, the Russian director pairs nuanced characterization with careful plotting against a backdrop of marital infidelity and dispiriting corruption. And he does so without lulling us into a state of comatose boredom.” – fredericg54

11. Interstellar – 7.6811 Average Tier

“I dunno, I loved it. It does veer into ‘Event Horizon’ territory at one point and the characterization can be a bit hit or miss, but the long shots are worth it. I liked how we got to do without a Matt McConaughey training sequence and as a summer blockbuster sci-fi flick I thought it was just fine.” – joseywales

The Ten Worst Films of 2014

There were a lot of great films in 2014… but then, there were also a lot of stinkers. We’ve examined the ratings made at Criticker.com, crunched the numbers, and produced a list of the worst films of the year. From horror to comedy, action to romance, Hollywood’s least-talented filmmakers are adept at screwing up any genre!

10. Endless Love – 2.7736 Average Tier

“LOL HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS DIDN’T WANT YOU IN THEIR PICTURE! “Long, Awkward Stares: The Movie”, featuring Poor Boy and Rich Girl falling in love. There’s talent here — Wakefield is a good actor, Pettyfer has a name and has been in stuff I liked. This is performance amateur hour; they just throw plot points together with no real sense of pacing, setup, backstory or character development. Okeniyi is the best part of this movie, he’s hilarious. There’s a good movie to be made here… just not this one.” – TheRealJ-Ro

9. Devil’s Knot – 2.5890 Average Tier

“I struggle to find a reason to recommend Devil’s Knot. Anyone interested in this case will have already watched some of the documentaries, while those who haven’t heard of it will see this and not get the full picture. Instead, they’ll be treated to a narrative and characters who exist not to be interesting or compelling, but to act as vessels through which the film can add doubt to a not-at-all clear-cut case. The story is interesting, but the way it was told here just doesn’t work.” – Marter

8. Tammy – 2.5556 Average Tier

“The biggest comedy misfire in recent years. None of the jokes had me laughing, and when the story turns serious the character’s journey just isn’t interesting. The writing lacks flow and scenes feel disconnected. Worst of all, it completely wastes a talented cast, giving great actors like Toni Collette, Kathy Bates and Allison Janney nothing interesting to work with. The more serious scenes worked better than the comedic elements, and I did think McCarthy had nice chemistry with Mark Duplass.” – DougieD

7. The Other Woman – 2.5498 Average Tier

“Haha look the dog CGI-pooped on the floor that’s hilarious. Two funny scenes: Coster-Waldau’s estrogen mannerisms and Leslie Mann stretching in a bush. The rest is unfunny garbage which goes on for about twice as long as it should. Some of the “pranks” concocted by the trio are more mean-spirited than anything they were subjected to, so it’s hard to find someone to root for here.” – Rufflesack

6. Vampire Academy – 2.4574 Average Tier

“The director of Mean Girls needs to go back to school. Would I be using too many puns to say that this movie sucks or bites? Well, it does a bit of both. The dialogue was bad enough to burst a sparkly vampire into flames. Zoey Deutch is smoldering until she speaks, but let’s be honest this movie is a terrible clone of Harry Potter and Twilight…” – Ryan Lueders

5. Devil’s Due – 2.2381 Average Tier

“Remember how Rosemary’s Baby totally sucked? And how we all waited years for someone to make use of that wonderful concept that Polanksi really fucked up? Wouldn’t it be awesome if some guys took that conceit and stuck it in a blender with a handheld video camera, the worst bits of Chronicle, and that one guy from the Friday Night Lights who really should have moved on to things that are so much better now? Wouldn’t that be an absolutely, 100% necessary, surefire recipe for critical success?” – Wezzo

4. I, Frankenstein – 2.2233 Average Tier

“A complete mockery of Shelley’s character. A terrible Underworld wanna be script, with awful dialogue, strange plot devices, and weird characters. Eckhart does his best but to no avail. The real shame that there was cool franchise potential here but all this was, was a cash-in antihero attempt at reviving a monster. Visuals were ok and Eckhart was alright, but not much else worked in the slightest.” – bwpello

3. Sex Tape – 2.1991 Average Tier

“A heart-warming family tale about a dirty porno, which works about as well as you would think. It’s unfortunate that this is so resolutely unfunny (and oddly detailed in its product placement), because the actors involved are quite likable. I’m going to blame the writing: who the fuck just gives away iPads anyway?” – mwgerb

2. Ouija – 1.8276 Average Tier

“The first act feels like a horror movie from the 90’s. Pack every horror cliche and cast 30 year olds playing high schoolers. Than the movie becomes jump scare central as the characters test to see who can be the dumbest character ever created. Spoiler: All of them are dumb and shallow.” – FoxyRussian

1. The Legend of Hercules – 1.7459 Average Tier

“The rumors are true: This is a profoundly dull, drab, generic movie, with fight/battle scenes that offer nothing fresh, nary an interesting character, relationship, or line of dialogue to be found. I don’t know Kellan Lutz – he may well rescue kittens and feed the homeless in his spare time in real life – but onscreen he looks like an asshole meathead fratboy and is one of the least appealing leading men in recent film history. The movie also wastes Liam McIntyre, who was great in Spartacus.” – Ytadel