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$100,000 for Ringo

Drama, Western
1h 33m
A stranger named Lee Barton rides into the western town of Rainbow Valley where he's mistaken for a former resident named Ward Cluster who was believed killed in the Civil War. Cluster's wife, Rose, is now dead but his young son, Sean -- raised by Indian chief, Gray Bear -- also believes Barton to be his father. Barton soon finds himself in opposition to local boss Tom Cherry who used local Indians to drive off settlers and who then turned against the Indians. (imdb)
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We weren't able to find any streaming offers for $100,000 for Ringo
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I was ready to write this off after the beginning with Indians, but this was actually a solid 3rd tier Paella/Spaghetti western. Harrison is a good fit and supporting characters interesting. There are some nice touches like using a piano as a shield. It’s well shot and has nice locations, but struggles with larger actions scenes. Some plot issues are never explained. Greatest asset is the Nicolai/Morricone score which is closer to traditional westerns, but still better than the film deserves.
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Cast & Info

Written By: Alfonso Balcázar
Genres: DramaWestern
Runtime: 1h 33m
Language: Italian
Countries: ItalySpain
AKA: Centomila dollari per Ringo

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