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66 Scener Fra Amerika (1982)

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Summary: As a visual narrative it is reminiscent of a pile of postcards from a journey, which indeed is what the film is. It consists of a series of lengthy shots of a tableau nature, each appearing to be a more or less random cross section of American reality, but which in total invoke a highly emblematic picture of the USA.

Genre: Documentary

Country: Denmark

Directed By: Jørgen Leth

Written By: Ole John

Starring: Andy Warhol, Kim Larsen

AKA: 66 Scenes From America

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Henrik Henrik
micmac micmac•
joachimt joachimt
Bagger Bagger
If you enjoy Leths other works you'll most likely like this as well. Andy Warhol eating the Whopper is the main event, but on the whole the film it is watchable and easy on the digestion.
Aardwark Aardwark
imdb imdb