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Afrique, je te plumerai ()

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This documentary of repressive political realities in Cameroon begins with the 1990 publication of an open letter to President Biya calling for a national conference - and the immediate arrest of the letter's author and publisher. The narration then examines the nation's colonial history... (imdb)

Genre: Documentary

AKA: Africa, I Will Fleece You

Country: Cameroon

Directed By: Jean-Marie Téno

Starring: Jean-Marie Téno, Narcisse Kouokam, Marie Claire Dati, Essindi Mindja, Aboubakar Toine, Ange Guetouom

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1. Africa (public: moderated by td888 - 5 stars)
2. Most popular film from each country (as of 12/2014) (public: moderated by juandr - 3 stars)
3. Third Cinema / Tercer Cine (public: moderated by Ag0stoMesmer - 1 star)
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May 01 John Milton
60 32%
Jun 30, 2016 bal3x bal3x
70 69%
Apr 26, 2016 robot2xl robot2xl
73 48%
Oct 25, 2015 kuxa kanema
87 88%
Sep 08, 2015 Communicants Communicants
80 73%
Sep 16, 2014 micmac_ii micmac
72 70%
Aug 25, 2013 PeaceAnarchy PeaceAnarchy
87 87%
The film takes a pretty wide scope, and if there's a recurring idea here it's the value of literacy and knowledge, both individual and institutional. It's interesting choice for a through-line, but it works well at highlighting some fundamental issues. 30 years after the French had left, their influence in books used for school and pleasure reflects a wider economic post-colonial domination. The film's approach is fresh, and there's a light tone despite the serious subject that helps it go down.
Nov 27, 2012 Lilarcor Lilarcor
50 8%
Apr 04, 2012 Coheed
40 17%
Apr 01, 2011 enfennemore enfennemore
40 13%
Apr 12, 2009 imdb imdb
59 33%
Apr 07, 2008 sdoles sdoles
7 45%
Feb 20, 2008 Shmendrek Shmendrek
5 96%
Teno does an amazing job of blending genres and artfully jumping from one subject to another without losing the audience. One of the best protest documentaries ever made.
Average Percentile 52.23% from 13 Rankings rss