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Afsporet ()

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A professor's daughter, comes from a rich home, gets amnesia and is involved with some low-life people in a slum area. She falls in love with the tough guy (played by Ebbe Rode), who recently got out of prison. He continues his live based on crime, and she follows him. (imdb user comment)

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Apr 27 PUNQ
40 61%
One of the more interesting Lau Lauritzen Jr. production's I've seen, but I've never been impressed with his film making. At least the earlier part of his career. Even this dark story suffers from being too light. Odd acting as well. Doesn't really know if it want to be passionate, comical or cold, and in the end, neither did I. Again it's Ib Schønberg bit I take with me as the most positive part of a Danish film, and not the girl it was all about.
Apr 10 mate_cosido
85 69%
May 11, 2016 Henrik Henrik
60 36%
Apr 07, 2013 jastrup jastrup
83 80%
Aug 11, 2009 imdb imdb
76 86%