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Apache Fury ()

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A group of disparate "Ark" type humans find themselves barricaded in an old Mission turned stagecoach station in frontier era Arizona after a young, hot-headed idiot mistakenly shoots & kills the chief of the local Apache tribe. Oops! The "Injuns" surround the makeshift fort, the arrows & bullets fly, personal conflicts turn deadly, and it is only a matter of time before the savages spill over the walls and hack everyone to death in an orgy of genocidal fury. (imdb User Comments)

Genre: Western

AKA: Fury of the Apaches, El Hombre de la diligencia

Country: Spain

Directed By: José María Elorrieta

Written By: José María Elorrieta, Eduardo Guzmán

Starring: George Martin, Frank Braña, Frank Latimore, Jesús Puente, Yvonne Bastien, Ángel Ortiz, Nuria Torray, Liza Moreno