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Believe in Me ()

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Set in Oklahoma in the mid-1960's, Believe in Me is the story of a young man whose dreams of coaching boys high school basketball are derailed when the school board assigns him to the girls' basketball team instead. The girls and the coach eventually earn each other's trust, and despite the opposition of the conservative town, learn how to play to win. (IFC Films)

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Believe in Me belongs to 4 collections
1. Sport (public: moderated by td888 - 5 stars)
2. 1960s period film (public: moderated by djross - 4 stars)
3. Basketball (public: moderated by iceblox - 1 star)
4. Teaching (public: moderated by djross)
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Date User Score
Dec 11, 2015 MichaelOKeef
70 70%
Jun 14, 2013 I_am_prowler I am prowler
60 53%
Jul 15, 2012 ZapperLife ZapperLife
37 32%
Aug 07, 2011 lydia69 lydia69
90 64%
May 13, 2010 cranky cranky
36 17%
May 13, 2009 imdb imdb
66 53%
Apr 11, 2009 sreeraj sreeraj
80 41%
Nov 22, 2008 AnnMovie AnnMovie
90 61%
Very pleased with this movie! It didn't feel very big or flashy, but that only complimented the film. A Cinderella story about an all-girls' basketball coach in the 1960's. The movie was well written and acted. My only "complaints" were that there could have been a tad more focus on the players (but I understand that the movie was about the coach) Also, the commentary difficult to hear/understand at times. But that's very picky. Overall, I really enjoyed this film and would highly recommend it!
Aug 24, 2008 eyelit eyelit
75 63%
Jul 22, 2008 RyanUltOsc
45 3%
Feb 03, 2008 maybl
90 67%
Average Percentile 47.64% from 11 Rankings rss