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Chez nous ()

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An engaged but a-polical nurse gets involved in a far right political party. Based on numerous recent events in France it actually is about how Front National operates and how it is perceived by the french. (imdb)

Genre: Drama

AKA: This Is Our Land

Country: Belgium, France

Directed By: Lucas Belvaux

Written By: Lucas Belvaux, Jérôme Leroy

Starring: Émilie Dequenne, André Dussollier, Guillaume Gouix

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1. Right-wing Politics (public: moderated by djross - 2 stars)
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Apr 22 filmcricket
69 71%
Mar 11 DeazMoviez DeazMoviez
70 45%
Sep 21, 2017 Veterini Veterini
68 30%
Sep 07, 2017 RavynLoony RavynLoony
65 70%
Aug 09, 2017 robot2xl robot2xl
73 48%
Jun 15, 2017 Lilarcor Lilarcor
52 11%
Apr 17, 2017 thebalkabaa thebalkabaa
70 69%
Apr 12, 2017 chengming
60 38%
Uses current events to deliver an all too formulaic story.